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  1. scratch'n'peck


    A pair of Bald Eagles started seriously building a nest on my property last April (2014) after their original nest on a neighboring property blew down in a wind storm. It was late in the nesting season last year, so they did not lay any eggs at that time. They don't spend much time near the...
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    This video is pretty funny... Oh, the soap opera inspired book has subtitles. Now I want the animated cartoon... of the whole melodrama.
  3. scratch'n'peck

    Organic method for treating chicken mite infestation that works

    I discovered that I had a chicken mite infestation (also known as red mite or roost mite.) As with any problem I have these days, I started obsessively searching the internet. I came across information on an insecticide that I haven't heard much about before that has an active ingredient...
  4. scratch'n'peck

    Chickens in Japan w/ long low crower

    I came across this video that I thought others might find it interesting. I think the most fascinating part of the video is about the breeds of Japan (which starts at the 2 minute mark) There is a Phoenix Rooster with tail feathers several meters long (@3min) and best of all a long low crowing...
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    I saw this local news segment about a family and their chickens: I hope I find out if the family gets to keep their eight hens (they are in my state but not in my town). I can't figure out why any politician...
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    Update find your state sticky?

    Hello busy BYC staff and administrators. The forum has grown so much since the "find your state" sticky was started and I refer a lot of newbies to it. But I have found that it needs some updating. For instance, the Michigan...
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    We have eight swans all together, which includes two breeding pairs and a male who has decided he is ready to romance a potential mate. Up here in Michigan there is only so much water we can keep from freezing over so the swans don't spread out much this time of year. This means there are a...
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    Last month four of our three year old hens were killed by raccoons. One took our Ferdi through a whole they made in wire. We fortified the wiring but the coons kept looking for a way in. They also thwarted the live traps. Eventually they made their way over the fence through the avian...
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    My two year old Sebastopol goose hatched goslings about a month ago and I finally have the time to post the photos. Here is Sabrina on the nest, and you can see how friendly she is. Most geese would hiss at people while on the nest. Here is the first to hatch. Sabrina checks the other...
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    Audio/video ads?!?

    I really like the updated BYC and I don't mind the ads on the right side of the page. Today however some of the ads had audio and video. At first I was able to hit the x in the corner to stop it and then the top ad started playing at the top right of page and I did not have that option. I...
  11. scratch'n'peck

    PLEASE HELP-Frost-Free Hydrant Problem

    My husband and I recently moved to a new home, and we are lucky to have a barn with an outdoor frost free hydrant. When we did the home inspection late last fall the hydrant was working. After we moved in we found the handle removed. My husband put the handle back on, but when it is lifted it...
  12. scratch'n'peck

    Internal Layer Has Hernia

    I have a 2 year old standard Cochin who has been an internal layer (at least that's what is seems to be to me. She has had the large, distended belly for over a year now. After researching on the forums last year I did not expect her to do well for this long. She does not get around as well...
  13. scratch'n'peck

    Prevent Cat's Sudden Death Due To Heart Disease

    Unfortunately I found out too late that heart disease in cats is quite common and often asymptomatic until a fatal event occurs. My 10 year old cat Winston was acting fine most of the day and when I came in from taking care of the chickens I found him lying on his side unable to move his back...
  14. scratch'n'peck

    Mute swan 1 year old and 2 year olds available

    We have male and female yearling mute swans, sexed and pinioned. I placed the shipping price high, because I would really prefer local pickup from Eastern Central Michigan. Please check with your state's Department of Natural Resources online to learn about any permit requirements for keeping...
  15. scratch'n'peck

    Normal One Minute, Convulsing Then Dead The Next?!

    My poor Seamus (blue cochin on the right) was crowing and vying for the best position to get a crumb of bread. He seemed just fine. Seamus hopped from his coop and walked around for a couple of minutes. Then all of a sudden he seemed to lose control. He stumbled a couple of feet into the...
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    Such A Funny Video

    I came across this video that all byc folks will love. This poopapi person did a great job with the video Kung Fu Rooster and Black Cat. I must have watched it ten times and I wanted to share it with people who also would appreciate it.
  17. scratch'n'peck

    Found great chicken video on youtube!

    There is hilarious video of a chicken chasing a cat on youtube that makes me smile. I'm having difficulty putting a link here so I encourage you to check out youtube for kung fu rooster and black cat by poopapi. I don't know who this person is who made the video, but it makes me want to take...
  18. scratch'n'peck

    PLEASE HELP-Blood in chicken poop

    A few weeks ago my husband and I got two naked neck silkies at a chicken show. They are about 4 months old according to the seller. They are currently separated from other chickens in an indoor cage with pine and cedar bedding. The poulet seems fine, but the male seems to have digestion...
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