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  1. French White Muscovy ducks

    French White Muscovy ducks

    Muscovy Ducks originated in Brazil and were domesticated in Europe. White Muscovy Ducks are best suited for meat production and make up 90% of commercial production of duck meat. Breeding stock from France has been genetically improved to produce birds that are 50% larger than other Muscovies...
  2. CelticOaksFarm

    Review by '' on item 'Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse'

    We have 13 Dewlap Toulouse in both Gray and Buff. Out of those 13 we have selected 9 to definitely be breeding stock for 2013. None of our breeding stock selected has any faults or defects be it SOP or genetic. We will continue to grow out and cull from the breeding flock those who dont meet the...
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