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    SOLD---------White Sebastopol goslings - NPIP - Shipping available

    2 WHITE FEMALE SEBASTOPOL GOSLINGS $65.00/each $45.00/shipping paypal accepted. NO E-CHECKS These goslings are outside all day, fed mazuri waterfowl starter and all the grass they care for. We do not have them under heat at all here on the farm. EMAIL THE FARM TO ARRANGE PAYMENT...
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    BIN: ChocBanOrp,LemCuOrp,SFH,Brahma,Bresse and more

    Florida NPIP, shipping USPS priority mail AVAILABLE WEEKLY: 1 doz + Bantam Chocolate English Orpington hatching eggs $50.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED 1 doz French White Muscovy hatching eggs $37.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED 1 doz Lemon Cuckoo English Orpington Hatching eggs $60.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED 1 doz...
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    Florida - NPIP - Ancona ducks

    fall juveniles ---sold out YES WE SHIP!!!!!! Monday and Wednesday weekly when temperatures allow NO shipping to VA Pick ups welcome by appointment only Anacona Ducks Pricing: We are NPIP making us legal to ship. We carry a full stock...
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    Bresse - American White hatching eggs 6+ and 12+ ---- NPIP

    The Bresse have rapidly become our favorite meal here for the entire family. With no special finishing feed for processing they had amazing flavor and texture compared to other breeds we have had in the past. The forage well, convert feed well, are calm, and very quiet too. Add to those features...
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    Save the bubble bath for yourself ---- NO SOAP or Bubbles for geese please

    They are not dogs................please stop raising them like they are. This is disturbing. I have read post after post here and other locations online about people giving their geese (and ducks) bubble baths, or a bath in the tub with soap. STOP IT I dont know who started this...
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    They are not dogs................please stop raising them like they are. This is disturbing. I have read post after post here and other locations online about people giving their pet ducks and or geese bubble baths, or a bath in the tub with soap. STOP IT I dont know who started this...
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    Sept 2013 Dewlap Toulouse pictures

    Our Dewlap Toulouse flocks have grown this year. We added in 3 new grey adults (1 male 2 female) and 3 new buff adults (all female) this year as well as gosling pairs retained from this years hatches.
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    BIN ---- Bantam Cochin - Columbian ---NPIP -------- Price includes shipping

    Currently Sold Out $13.00 ---- 1/2 doz shipping included! Our cabinets are being turned off for the summer making eggs available weekly for purchase. The bantams are in raised pens to avoid the wet rainy summer season here in FL Our birds came from Dick Horstman, and are just the...
  9. CelticOaksFarm

    BIN --------Bantam Cochin- Calico -- 1 doz + ---NPIP -------- Price includes shipping

    Available is 1 dozen plus extra shipping INCLUDED in the price These are available weekly ALL summer long. Calico Bantam Cochin hatching eggs. We currently have 2 pens of Calico laying. Pen 1 is covered by a red roo and pen two is covered by a white roo. Excellent fertility, wonderful...
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    BIN - French White Muscovy 1 doz plus NPIP -------- Price includes shipping

    Shipping is INCLUDED in the purchase price Our recent processed drakes were 9lbs and 12lbs when they went into the freezer! PM or EMAIL SOLD to buy these. PP Payments to: [email protected] Hatching eggs available weekly all summer & fall...
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    All sizes available by the case limited sizes available as individual boxes (Chick/Quail - Single Stalls - Economy Nest) PayPal order to: [email protected] Email us for availability/pricing/shipping for small orders of boxes
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    aoxa sorry

    I wanted you to know just how very sorry hubby and I are for the tragedy. Words arent enough, but I wanted you to know we are thinking about you.
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    Easter Egger Chicks 1wk - 3wks NPIP Shipping available

    We have been on a hatching rampage this winter already. Our EE chicks come from the following: hens that blue, blue and gold, black ameraucana hens (split lavender) wheaten hens and many others. Roos: Am Roo, Blue EE Roo, Blue Wheaten EE Roo and a Silver and White EE roo Shipping is...
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    Dont forget your geese in the frigid cold

    PLEASE those dealing with this nasty arctic cold be sure you have proper shelter for all of your animals including those geese you all love so dearly. Extra straw and pine shavings to help keep them warm is a must as well. Ducks and geese have down coats yes, but they can not protect...
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    Dont forget to separate your breeders

    Its January 6th, many in the north will start seeing eggs in February (for march hatchlings) you want your breeding stock separated 30 days prior to eggs to ensure pure bred goslings and to help with the pair bonding as it will take a little time for them to accept who you as the human want them...
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    "Breeding discussion - When to and when not to breed"

    This thread is for discussing points to consider when breeding NO FLAMING, no harassment, no posting just to create an argument, no moral discussions over culling Having pet flocks that you never set eggs from IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE. Eat the eggs, bake with them, give them away, just...
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    Winter & Cold weather FROST BITE and waterfowl/Geese

    We are lucky enough to NOT live where it gets severely cold. However so many do, and this issue came up on the duck forum (A duck with potential frost bite) and is WELL WORTH sharing here too so GOOSE OWNERS are aware the risk they put birds at in the winter without shelter. Quote: Note...
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