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  1. CaramelKittey

    Curled toes, splayed leg, and wry neck. Day old chick. Please help. 😭

    Hi all! I really need help with this day-Old D’Uccle chick. If pipped and tried to break through it’s egg but couldn’t make it so we had to help him. That was this morning. He never could walk quite right, and now I’m seeing that he has curled toes, what looks like splayed leg, and wry neck. He...
  2. CaramelKittey

    Shipping 6 Eggs at a time?

    Hi all! For those of you that ship small egg orders, how exactly do you ship them? Probably a dumb question but I just want to make sure my eggs have the best chance of getting where they are going. :) The specific order I'm doing is 6 eggs. Of course we won't be shipping until it is warmer, and...
  3. CaramelKittey

    Lady Amherst and Red Golden Pheasant questions

    Hi all! We are starting to plan to build a giant barn with an aviary in the next few years that can be heated to keep junglefowl as well as species that don't need heat such and Lady Amherst and Red Golden Pheasants. We've never had pheasants before which is why I'd like to take a couple years...
  4. CaramelKittey

    How often does the JANOEL12 incubator turn the eggs?

    Hi all! Does anybody know how often the JANOEL incubator turns the eggs inside? I'm working on a project about it and I'd like to include how often it turns the eggs but I can't find any information about it, and my instruction manual is MIA but even if I had it I probably couldn't read it...
  5. CaramelKittey

    Has anyone made a proposal to change the Standard on dubbing combs?

    Hi all! This is a question for any APA/ABA breeders out there.. Has anyone actually tried to change the Standard regarding the dubbing of modern game, old English game, and American game birds? I hear a lot of talk about breeders saying that 'it is cruel to dub' and such, but I've never seen...
  6. CaramelKittey

    Trying again for junglefowl..

    Hi all! I’m in GA now visiting family, but I heard there was an incredible junglefowl breeder by the name of Charles Hill that lives an hour and a half from where I’m staying. Just wondering if anybody has contact info or if he has a website or something like that. We go to GA every year and...
  7. CaramelKittey

    ISO Lemon Mille Fleur Sablepoots

    Hi all! I'm interested in possibly purchasing some lemon mille fleur sablepoot eggs in the Spring or summer of 2021. :) Hatching eggs are ideal but chicks are ok too. Must be able to ship to NJ. ;)
  8. CaramelKittey

    Does it matter which wing to clip?

    Hi all! I've been working on a video project about wing clipping, and although I prefer to clip both wings, I'm trying to give every option for clipping wings. I am 99% sure it doesn't matter which wing to clip if you choose to only clip one wing, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't...
  9. CaramelKittey

    APA/ABA Show Questions

    Hi all! I would really like to show my chickens in exhibition shows, but to be honest I don't have any clue where to start. lol I've been showing them at our local county 4-H fair, but I'd like to show with the APA or the ABA.'s my questions. Thank you in advance! Are there APA...
  10. CaramelKittey

    Do my birds need pullorum test if they are NPIP clean?

    Hi all! I've been looking into entering a lot of my birds (25+) in Poultry shows, and saw that they needed to be tested for pullorum. Is this pullorum test at the show, or do I need to get somebody to test prior to the show? In a week we are having our state agent come out and test all of our...
  11. CaramelKittey

    What gender is this 4 1/2 week old MGB chcik

    Hi all! What gender do you think this (a little shy of) 4 1/2 week old Birchen Modern Game Bantam is? I really need it to be a girl but it’s probably a boy. My sister keeps telling me it’s a boy and I know she’s probably (definitely) right. 😕 I don’t see waddles yet, but the comb is kinda...
  12. CaramelKittey

    4 1/2 week old Modern Game Bantam gender?

    Hi all! What gender do you think this (a little shy of) 4 1/2 week old Birchen Modern Game Bantam is? I really need it to be a girl but it’s probably a boy. My sister keeps telling me it’s a boy and I know she’s probably (definitely) right. 😕 I don’t see waddles yet, but the comb is kinda...
  13. CaramelKittey

    Swollen pink flesh on D’Uccle’s feet

    Hi all! We’ve been putting our chicks outside for the past few nights and so far everybody has made it. Last night, the weather channel said it was only supposed to go down to 29 so I wasn’t super worried, until I was horrified to find out the next morning that it had gone down to 22! I went...
  14. CaramelKittey

    Hen or rooster? 2 week old Birchen MGB

    Hi all! I know it’s way to early to tell, but I was just wondering if anybody has any guesses on the gender of this chick? He/she is a 2 week old Birchen Modern Game Bantam. This is my first time raising this breed, so I don’t know too much about it except they don’t like the cold. His/her...
  15. CaramelKittey

    What causes this coloring? Does it have a name?

    Hi all! To be honest, I don’t know what I’ve seen created here. Haha! This is a pure Silkie chick, but I’m really not sure why it has barring, and some weird brown feathers with black tiger stripes you might call them? Is there any name for this coloring? I know there are cuckoo silkies but...
  16. CaramelKittey

    What’s up with these eggs?

    Hi all! I got some super weird eggs. Never seen anything like this before. They are kinda old, all between roughly 1-3 weeks old. I decided to incubate them (long story why I had them for so long..) and I’ve never seen this before. One has a double air cell it looks like, and another had a...
  17. CaramelKittey

    Help! Blood, and funniness in multiple chick’s poop, puffed up, slightly lethargic!

    Hi all! I have 20 chicks with runny poop, blood in their poop, ruffled feathers, pale combs, and some are acting lethargic. At first it was just one, then two, and now more like 10! There are 20 of them in total but not everybody is showing symptoms. I recently treated my flock for coccidiosis...
  18. CaramelKittey

    Can I take eggs out of incubator?

    Hi all! Ugh. Very annoyed. I made a post on Facebook advertising 12 fertile Silkie eggs, with no response for a couple days. I was afraid the eggs would be a little too old if I waited a few more days, so I put them in the incubator. Lesson learned.. Now somebody is asking for them, but they’re...
  19. CaramelKittey

    Caring for green junglefowl?

    Hi all! I’ve fallen in love with green jungle fowl, but I know that they are nowhere near a breed for beginners! We’ve had chickens for 10 years, but I know junglefowl aren’t like chickens. ;) We’ve never raised any type of pheasant, peafowl, or anything like that before. We’ve just have...
  20. CaramelKittey

    Anybody selling green junglefowl?

    Hi all! Just wondering if there are any green jungle fowl breeders on BYC. Interested in adults, or juveniles old enough to be sexed. I’m located in NJ, USA. Thanks in advance!
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