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  1. cottontail farm

    Will geese harass a beehive?

    I can't even believe I have to ask this question but due to reputation geese have for shenanigans here goes. Will geese harass honeybees or a wooden hive if I put one in their fenced yard? I used to keep bees in the yard and the chickens ignored them. The geese however, like to mess with stuff...
  2. cottontail farm

    Leg bands?

    Can anyone reccomend a nice legband for my african geese? I'm starting to not be able to tell them all :idunno apart.
  3. cottontail farm

    "Cleanest" butcher for taxidermy?

    Ok, I really was not sure where to post this but have always found open minded, practical people in the Meat Birds section so here goes. I collect curiosities and over the years have cleaned skulls from some of the birds I've raised with great results (from goose down to quail). Now I'm going...
  4. cottontail farm

    Ok to eat this chicken?

    Don't you love seeing that in a title.:rolleyes: So I'm sending a couple of roosters to the processor tomorrow. I have an Orpington hen that while probably 2 years old I suspect she isn't laying, plus we just have too many chickens. So tonight I'm putting her in the pen with the roosters and...
  5. cottontail farm

    50 cent Barnvelder chicks?

    I went into TSC today, for feed, NOT chickens. Well, we know how that goes. Lol. "Barnvelder " chicks were 50 cents. I got 3. What does everyone think? Breed? Pattern? These pics are all of the same chick.
  6. cottontail farm

    Older, single comb silkie

    Can anyone help me with this silkie? I am aware of the low quality, I love this funky chicken because of the lack of head puff and the single comb. Born in March maybe, bought from TSC. No crowing, no laying, no mating yet. With the way my head roosters act (vaguely protective, indifferent) I...
  7. cottontail farm

    Hen has started crowing, video

    Ok, so file this under "never thought it would happen to me". A hen that I bought fully grown a year ago (so not sure age) has started to crow. Yes, I'm positive it's a hen. We have plenty of roosters so it's not a dominance thing... does this mean it's hormonal and she's done laying for good...
  8. cottontail farm

    Graphic, prolapsed vent?

    I did not do an autopsy but probably should have. I culled this hen this evening, she was hunched up and the red bulge was quite bigger while she was alive and not on her back. After she was dead I was pressing on her abdomen and felt an egg right above the vent that seemed to be stuck sideways...
  9. cottontail farm

    First gosling!

    I've posted here a couple of times about how annoying my geese are (they were actually put on craigslist once for bad behavior until I felt guilty and pulled the ad) well this week they have finally redeemed themselves. My 3 year old goose set a nest way under our chicken coop and now we have a...
  10. cottontail farm

    This is too many eggs, right?

    I finally found my easter egger hen - in the shed nesting in a round laundry basket we use to cover transplants. She has, no joke, 20 eggs under her. Today i shooed her off, grabbed 10 and candeled them quickly with my phone. Much to my horror, they all looked great. She can't hatch all of...
  11. cottontail farm

    Bad nest

    My african goose has been setting on a nest for about 2 weeks. She's built in a place thats just about impossible for me to reach - in a depression in the far corner underneath the chicken coop. Today I managed to get a couple of eggs from the nest when she was getting a drink - me pregnant and...
  12. cottontail farm

    Time to rehome my geese?

    I might just need to vent :rolleyes: I love, love, love watching my geese but lately they've really been getting on my nerves. The three of them are so annoying right now. No, they're not nesting or laying they're just being miserable. All they do is poop, honk, and chase chickens. Sometimes...
  13. cottontail farm

    Best feeder for babies

    I forgot how messy quail chicks are. :rolleyes: What does everyone here like best for a crumble feeder? I'm using a chick feeder and while the quail are no longer trying to get stuck inside of it (fun!)they are still taking great joy from scratching crumble all over the place.
  14. cottontail farm

    Should I cook this pullet

    I always shudder when I see that post title but here goes :rolleyes: This pullet hatched fine but her leg started turning in at about 2 weeks. She ended up hopping With the leg turned nearly backwards and the weight on the back of her foot. Is this just a slipped tendon? I put her down today...
  15. cottontail farm

    Slipped tendon? Graphic pic, i guess

    I put down this pullet today. About 8 weeks old she hatched fine but her leg started turning at about 3 weeks. She ended up hopping with one leg nearly backwards, weight on the back of her foot. Never appeared to be in pain from it. Is this a slipped tendon or?
  16. cottontail farm

    Is there a name for this color?

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. Is there a name for this very light peach color? Mom is a splash easter egger and dad a mix breed.
  17. cottontail farm

    Ordered tuxedo eggs, got ?

    I ordered some hatching eggs for tuxedo quail off of Ebay. Seller had great pics, great feedback, sent me extra eggs and I've never seen anything so well packaged in my life. So far 24 of 30 eggs have hatched and the babies are doing GREAT. However... I have at least 6 different color patterns...
  18. cottontail farm

    E Egger with mohawk?

    Ok, what's going on with this chicken? Lol. Sold at TSC as an Easter Egger. I assume male but wondering what the heck is going on with his "hair"? Never seen an "EE" like this before.
  19. cottontail farm

    Red ranger hen died of old age, my experience

    I'm posting this here because I know a bunch of us raise rangers instead of cornish cross and are looking for sustainable flocks. Here are a few pictures of my red ranger hen who finally died today at 4 to 5 years old. I had kept her back when the rest were butchered because she was huge and...
  20. cottontail farm

    Multiple germinal discs? Like, lots?

    Can someone tell me what's going on with the egg on the left? The one on the right has one disc but the one on the left is like nothing I've ever seen. What's going on here?
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