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  1. LarryPQ

    Got my coffee, a donut, and a happy song in my head....

    Happy Wednesday, Peoples! .... is Wednesday, right?
  2. LarryPQ

    3rd Annual New Year's Day Hatch!!

    WELCOME BYCers! On December 11th at Noon we sat Chicken eggs... Duck eggs should go in on the 4th. Quail will go in on the 14th or 15th...I am not sure. If you are participating please go HERE and fill out the form. And here for the results-- Results...
  3. LarryPQ

    This is my 10K-th post

    Well, at least until I get in trouble again, posts get deleted, and the mods have to remind me to be a good citizen. Again. HAPPY SATURDAY!!
  4. LarryPQ

    Look what I found in the nestbox!!!

    AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! ... Ok, just kidding. I am making a dinosaur cake for my nephew. The DH had a cow when he saw it drying in the fridge, though.
  5. LarryPQ

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    Check me out! I am a winner!!! least, that is what I tell myself. I get a super-schaweeeeeet yogurt maker for my first stink-eye cake post!
  6. LarryPQ

    Found Pretty Pet Pigeon....

    At least I think it is a pet. It doesn't look like a Phoenix Ratbird, nor does it act like one. It let me pick it up without any hastle, and was content to hang out in the coop/run while the chickens and turkeys free-ranged. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? I am betting it is a pet, but...
  7. LarryPQ

    Vote for your favorite LOL Chicken!

    It's time for the week two picture contest for the Laree's "I CAN'T STOP MYSELF FROM HATCHING!!!" Hatch-a-long Vote for your favorite picture and caption! #1 Cloverleaf Farm #2 SuperChemicalGirl #3 ItAZ0032 #4 meepitqueenie #5 ma2babygurl13
  8. LarryPQ

    Laree's "I CAN'T STOP MYSELF FROM HATCHING!!!" Hatch-a-long

    Hello Fellow Hatchaholics! As the Easter Hatch rolls up, some of us hatchaholics find ourselves scrambling to fill the lonely gaping void that is our incubators. Do you hear yours calling to you too? Does it cry out for eggies? Then join us.....join us..... We'll have some informal...
  9. LarryPQ

    A Comprehensive Study of the Stink-Eye: Illustrated!

    Don't worry, this isn't that kind of thread. Indeed, my intention here is to describe, examine, discuss, and perhaps learn more about the number one weapon in the chicken's offensive/defensive arsenal: The Stink-Eye. Lesson One: What is a stink-eye? There is a common misconception as to...
  10. LarryPQ

    HELP! Turkey with bad bite and tear-

    Sir Puffs Alot decided to throw down with one of the dogs. At first glance it didnt look so bad, but once the DH got home we were able to look at it more closely. It's bad--- There is a 4" long tear on the breast, significantly deep ~2". There is significant bruising and some swelling...
  11. LarryPQ

    CAMMY! Your Grandchickies are Here!

    Hey girlfriend! Your Granchickies are here! FYI- I got a 100% Hatch Rate on the Shipped Eggies. I got 12 out of 12! Unbelievable! And of course, I have to give props to my chicken model handlers: The DH and the BIL. Unfortunate shot of the BIL...
  12. LarryPQ

    Turkey with owie on beak

    Hello my peeps! I noticed this weekend Sir Fluffs A Lot had a whitish bump on his bottom beak. Today said bump looked quite a bit bigger---and it almost looks like his palet is a little swollen. I haven't stuck my hand in there to check. Any thoughts? It rained last week, which is AZ...
  13. LarryPQ

    Turkey Eggs Giveaway!! ---FOR CRAFTING---

    Calling all BYC Crafters! I am running a giveaway on my website: I have more stuff to do than I have time to do them. So, I am offering up these blown-out turkey eggs to anyone who wants to toss their name in the hat. These are the first five eggs laid by my turkey hen...
  14. LarryPQ

    Tylan for Turkey Sinus/repiratory issues?

    Hello all! Two of my turkeys have had chronic sinus infections. Regular ol' Duramycin seems to have very little effect: basically it reduces the swelling for a week, and then the gals are suffering again. I did my BYC search, and it seems Tylan is the most reccomended treatment--but I would...
  15. LarryPQ

    Speckledhen, Your Stink-Eye is Ready!

    Cyn- Seriously, I did not need another hobby. The blame for this one rests SOLELY on your shoulders. All those beautiful quilts you and the other quilting artistas keep showing off... Now I am knee deep in fabics, thread, ideas, and cutie-patotiee decorative elements. I spent every lunch...
  16. LarryPQ

    Dude or Duddette: Time to re-cast your vote!

    Hello everyone! A while back you all voted Salty Pullet was really a Salty Dog Roo. Does the BYC ruling still stand? This sneaky chicken will be 5 (maybe 6) months old. No crowing, but I have bajillion other roos & only 2 dominant crowers.
  17. LarryPQ

    Box-up your long-crowers, Town bans whistling and singing:

    It is time to cause some trouble! Of course, this is just a noise ordinance, like some town's have against "male poultry which disturb the peace", but still, really? [Laree giggles maniacally, plans mischeif]
  18. LarryPQ

    Tower of Toilet Paper...

    The baby is emptying the stash of toilet paper from the laundry room. He can only carry 2 at a time, and there are at least 2 Costco packages in there. Each case has what? 48 rolls? One round trip is approximately 100 baby-steps...
  19. LarryPQ

    Quilters- a newbie needs direction

    I have never quilted. BUT- I have been saving my favorite outfits (high-quality onsies/shirts/pants with things on the butt) from each of my spawn. My intention was to turn them over to my office's resident quilter, & then pay her to make me a quilt. Unfortunately, she was laid off and then...
  20. LarryPQ

    Guess my Google Game!

    Here is a random picture game: I post a picture --or series of pictures---- and you have to guess what I Googled. Then you post your picture(s) If it is obvious enough, you don't necessarily need to wait for confirmation. So this: Would be "Albino Alligator". If I had only posted...
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