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    Welcome to BYC!!! (from WA state)
  2. ChickensAreSweet

    Old feed question

    I have lost chickens due to moldy feed on the ground. Make sure they cannot access it would be my advice. I like the black fortex rubber tubs or you can use an oil pan under a regular feeder to catch the stray feed. I set the feeder into the pan. This helps eliminate waste.
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    Are grape skins toxic to chickens?

    Mine eat grapes from the grapevines and do fine. Could they have choked on them? I am not sure. I am sorry for your losses!
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    How high a button flies..

    I enjoyed reading about your little button's adventure!
  5. ChickensAreSweet

    Stella's Social Club

    Why not a berber carpet for the stairs? Just replace when it gets old. We have berber on our stairs and it has been very durable. You would want a darker color though. We have a lighter color and it shows dirt. Another benefit is that it is softer and gives sure footing in my opinion.
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    Please help our chicken

    I am glad to hear your chicken is doing well! :)
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    How to help dissolve a very hard lump in crop?

    I am sorry your hen is suffering. It sounds like your vet is taking excellent care of her. I am not sure that this link is referring to the same condition that your hen has- I...
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    impacted crop - can you help?

    They do need grit - sharp grit, not just calcium grit that is in layer feed. Some chickens can find this in the soil (sharp granite grit) but to be safe it is good to have it available if they need it. I occasionally toss some on the ground in the run. Others provide a dish with grit in it.
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    Best way to prevent chicken mites

    Provide a dry dust bath for your girls- made from woodstove ashes/sand/dirt and food grade diatomaceous earth if desired. Lately I have been just using ashes and that works well. During the summer they use dirt. Make sure it is out of the rain! Periodically you can spray your coop or dust with...
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    Please help our chicken

    I am not sure how to advise other than to keep her warm and make sure she is drinking and eating. Chickens have a very sensitive respiratory system. I am hoping she makes a full recovery!
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    Lost my Rooster!!!!

    Just saw this! Oh how wonderful!
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    Lost my Rooster!!!!

    Oh that is terrifying! I hope you can find him in the a.m. Been there done that- one time I found a little guy hiding under a tarp for firewood - I thought he was gone for sure. They do find a hiding spot if they can't get in the coop and it turns dark.
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    Need some re assurance!

    Temp. requirements are 90-95 degrees the first week of life and decrease by 5 degrees every week until fully feathered, usually around 6 weeks of age. They should have the ability to get away from the heat, and it is fine for the temp. under the light to be hotter than that if they have ample...
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    Welcome to BYC! I would make a secure run for your chickens- you might want to consider using dog kennel panels and line the bottom vertically with some hardware cloth so that raccoons and hawks won't pull them through the fencing. This will also hopefully keep your dogs away from your chickens...
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    Food and water at night

    x2 no food or water at night- they will sleep through the night.
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    Food and water at night

    If they are under mama they don't need a light.
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    Neighbors Animals Invading my Property

    It sounds like a fence would be a good option for you to keep your chickens separated. However, fences won't keep raccoons out. Raccoons are chicken killers.
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    Soft Shells and don't seem to eat Oyster shell You may wish to click on other types of problems in the left column to read more. Since you are feeding layer AND have oyster shell available, I don't know how to advise you. The layer has quite a bit of...
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    What is living here?

    If that were in my yard it would be a bunny hole.
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    Construction sand for run in Massachusetts

    In our area we had sand delivered by a local gravel place. Check your yellow pages would be my advice. You may also be able to get it delivered from a yard and garden/nursery type place.
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