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  1. Chris09

     Fodder types--nutrition and practical suggestions

    Well, the problem is that chickens don't process fibrous plants very well. Most of the nutrition that is in fodder go's right into there stool because they cant abstract it from the fibrous plants so I really don't think your going to find a chart for chickens. Also keep in mind that animals...
  2. Chris09

    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    No, I knew the reason why fermenting a feed cost less, (chicken eats less so less feed is used to feed chicken and it cost less to feed chicken). What I want to know is WHY a chicken eats less.. One reason could be (and I believe) that fermenting a feed increases the caloric amount of the...
  3. Chris09

    Fertilizer for sweet corn?

    Well, when I plant corn, I plant the seeds 12" (1 foot) apart in the row and 12" (1 foot) in-between rows (shorter corn verities can be a bit closer). I also plant a minimum of 6 rows (length of row doesn't matter as long as it is a minimum of 6 feet). This way allows for good air circulation...
  4. Chris09

    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    Yes, The per pound cost of the feed is a little more BUT the over all winter feeding cost is about the same or maybe a little less.
  5. Chris09

    Salt in water?

    If your water softener uses salt your going to have to get a good revers osmoses filter. It should filter out most if not all the salt. If the water softener is in your house (not a community softener) you could just have a plumber run a water line from just before the softener to outside...
  6. Chris09

    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    Yes- feed consumption does change some depending weather/ temperature but that's do to there caloric needs changing. In the summer months a chicken has a lower caloric need than in a cold winter. In my 30 +/- years of raising poultry and my 10 +/- years of showing them I've done a fair share...
  7. Chris09

    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    I was just using that as a hypothetic example but just like fish meal can have different crude protein percentages it can also have different fat percentages. The fish meal that I can get around here has around the same fat as corn. Now, I think your trying to use information that you know...
  8. Chris09

    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    Let say that you tend to offer a high protein low calorie treat to your birds. The birds will eat to fill there caloric need but in doing so they over eat there dietary need of proteins. That extra proteins is then stored on the body as fat creating a over weight bird.
  9. Chris09

    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    Quote: You're right, you did state that about ten pages back or so. But what do you think fermentation does to the fibrous hulls that simply soaking them in water (plus your liquid additives) won't do? The microbes involved in fermentation go for the more easily digested soluble fiber over the...
  10. Chris09

    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    By feeding say, lots of table scraps or offering lots of "treats" there creating a imbalanced and improper diet. The imbalanced diet along with other key factors like low activeness and low/ slow metabolism etc. will create a over weight bird.
  11. Chris09

    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    Very true metabolism is a factor in weather or not a chicken or any animal is obese or not just the same as a imbalanced diet. Say if a chicken has a low or slow metabolism rate that chicken will be a bit more over weight than one that has a higher metabolism. Just the same a chicken that's kept...
  12. Chris09

    Feeding my 3 chickens (new at this)?

    Quote: As to only 10% scraps, my wife insists when she was a kid they never fed their chickens any feed at all, just rice & scraps, and let them scrounge the neighborhood, and they were supposedly fine. Of course when I ask what happened to them she can't remember ever eating them or them...
  13. Chris09

    What is toxic to chickens?

    Check your information. The number one (1) cause of Gape Worm (Syngamus trachea) is birds eating earth worms. Although earth worms are the main cause of gape worm other hosts are grass hoppers, snails, slugs and beetles. Feeding meat to poultry if fine and a fare amount of meat should make up...
  14. Chris09

    What is the best tomato to grow?

    It all depends on what your using the tomatoes for and if you are buying the plants or starting the seeds. If your paining on starting the seeds your self -- Good all around or out of hand eating tomato you could go with either Marglobe (size8oz.), Rutgers (size 8oz.), Pritchard (size 8oz.)...
  15. Chris09

    Free choice feed or rationed?

    Hanging feed will not stop mice or rats from getting it. They will find a way to it.
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