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  1. houndit

    Pilgrim Goslings NPIP AI clean

    I am posting for my sister. She has had great success hatching her goslings this year. Her adults came from Metzer farms. Ages vary from newly hatched to starting to feather. Local pickup preferred, but shipping might be arranged for the youngest ones. Starting at $20.00 each. Thanks!
  2. houndit

    WANTED: Breeder quality roosters several kinds NPIP NW MO.

    I am looking for the following roosters. Crele Penedesenca Partridge Penedesenca White Empordanessa Tomaru Icelandic White Rock Egyptian Fayoumi Norwegian Jaerhorn Looking for local NW Missouri, or shipped birds this Fall. Willing to pay a fair price. Also searching for a start of Wheaten...
  3. houndit

    Wanted NPIP Breeder quality drakes ( several kinds ) and Ancona call pair

    Title says it all. I am assuming they will have to be shipped. I am in NW MO. Please contact me if you can help me out. Thanks! Wanted: Ancona Call pair Black Runner Drake Pencilled Runner Drake Chocolate Runner Drake Bibbed Hookbill Drake Golden Cascade Drake Muscovy ducklings Thanks!
  4. houndit

    Wanted NPIP Ducklings, Hookbills, Muscovy, Runners, Golden Cascade, Cayuga

    I am looking for a little genetic diversity to add to our flock. If you have any ducklings you could ship me please let me know! Below are the breeds I am looking for and where my birds came from. Muscovy any color Bibbed Hookbill ( Holderreads ) Golden Cascade ( Holderreads/ Sandhill )...
  5. houndit

    Wanted NPIP clean Icelandics, Tomaru, Jaerhorns, Fayoumis, Penedesencas, and Empordanessa.

    I am searching for some birds to add to my flock. Most important qualification is that they come from different breeders than mine did. I just need a little diversity so I will not have to worry about inbreeding. Below are the breeds I need and where mine came from. If you have any to sell...
  6. houndit

    Silver Phoenix quad and lots of bantams for sale. NW MO. NPIP AI Clean.

    I hate to sell my birds, but I have got to downsize. I am willing to ship but each states rules are different. Please give me time to make sure that they will let me ship to your state when you inquire about shipping. The oldest birds in our flock are two years old. I would prefer to sell...
  7. houndit

    Large flock of ducks for sale. NW MO. NPIP AI clean.

    I regret to say that I finally am downsizing my flocks. I hate to get rid of any birds, but they are taking up too much money and time. I am willing to ship adults if someone wants to pay for it. I can ship to most states but certain states have different regulations on older birds than...
  8. houndit

    Fertile Mallard eggs for sale. NPIP AI clean.

    Lots of Mallard eggs! These birds are a lot of fun. They are good flyers and can pretty much take care of themselves if that is what you want them to do. Our original stock came from Mt. Healthy Hatchery. One man bought all the Mallard eggs I had for four weeks early this year. He reported...
  9. houndit

    Purebred Bronze Guinea eggs for sale. NPIP AI clean.

    I am selling Bronze guinea eggs for $25.00 a dozen plus shipping. Our Guineas came from Winters Guinea Farm. The Bronze are a very unique color. Please pm me your zipcode for a shipping qoute. I will guarantee that you receive the eggs you order unbroken. I can not guarantee your hatch...
  10. houndit

    Fertile purebred bantam eggs. Cochins, Silkies, Frizzles,and Japanese. NPIP AI clean.

    All our bantams are hatchery stock. They are pet quality only. I keep a large amount of bantams for broody hens. None of them are broody right now and I have a ton of eggs. All varieties are housed separately so eggs will be pure. Most breeding groups are small so to insure that you receive...
  11. houndit

    Purebred chicken eggs. NPIP clean. Many breeds. Some rare!

    Most of our hens are laying very well right now! Here are the breeds available right now and prices. Price is per dozen unless otherwise noted. Empordanesa LIMITED $40.00 Icelandic $30.00 Penedesenca Black LIMITED! Crele LIMITED! Partridge LIMITED! $40.00 Tomaru LIMITED! $15.00 6...
  12. houndit

    Purebred Duck eggs. Runners, Golden Cascades, Hookbills. NPIP AI clean.

    We have ducklings of many of these breeds available for sale. Our incubators are full and I have lots of extra eggs to share! Here are the ducks that we raise and our prices. Prices are for six eggs. Ducks Golden Cascade $12.00 Hookbill $15.00 Runner Assorted my...
  13. houndit

    Anybody know what the maximum number of females one drake can fertilize is?

    I usually hear that the normal ratio is one drake for 3 to 5 females, but I was wondering can one drake handle more than that and still have good fertility? Anybody have any experience in this area?
  14. houndit

    Pilgrim Goose eggs NPIP White Call hen also.

    Our Pilgrim Geese have just started laying faithfully. We are offering fertile eggs for sale at $5.00 a peice. Fertility was excellent last year. We have not set any yet this year. Our breeders are from Metzer Farms stock. Pilgrims are an excellent breed to raise. They tend to be calmer and less...
  15. houndit

    Anyone shipped eggs via UPS? Did they hatch?

    Title says it all. I am frustrated with the Post Office and wondered if there were any other vialble options even if they are more expensive. Thanks!
  16. houndit

    Repairing cabinet incubators?

    I have done minor work on my incubators before, i.e. installing a new turner motor etc. Both of them are down right now and I really do not now what is wrong with them. I am not a good electrician so I would like to take them to a proffesional if possible. Does anyone know of a place that...
  17. houndit

    Should my Peafowl be laying now? I did not think so.

    I felt like my peafowl laid poorly al year. From 7 hens I seldom ever got more than two eggs a day and very frequently none at all. I do not know why. I am feeding them exacty what the man I purchased the from told me to. Anyway they stopped laying a couple months ago which I expected. Than...
  18. houndit

    Lots of eggs. Cheap! NPIP Clean.

    I have an enormous quantity of extra eggs. I would like to incubate them but I have limited room in my incubators. Rather than throw them away I would like to sell them for a ridiculously low price of $3.00 a dozen. Quantity discounts are available for 6 dozen or more. Lots are from my...
  19. houndit

    Chicks and Started birds. NPIP clean. Polish, Delaware, Jaerhorn, Fayoumi, and more.

    I have hatched all year and am still incubating eggs. I have quite a few birds and need to sell some. Ages vary considerably. I still have some baby chickens and quite a few started birds. I prefer local pickup in Braymer, MO., but I can ship some day olds. I can not ship to HA. WA. NC. NH...
  20. houndit

    Its not to late to hatch some guineas! NPIP clean.

    I have a large flock of mixed color guineas. I am still getting a dozen eggs or more a day. Fertility has been nearly 100% this year. In fact I had a couple broody hens get a 100% successful hatch. I am about done incubating for the year and would be happy to share some eggs. Price is...
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