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  1. Chris09

    Grain Prices

    For those of you that buy grains/seeds for either a treat or as a staple to your mix, what are you paying and for how much, also where do you get them (store, feed store, feed mill, online)? Also I would prefer prices for just standard grains if at all possible but IF they are organic or...
  2. Chris09

    Looking For Links on "Fermented" poultry feed.

    I'm looking for good links on "fermented" poultry feed. I need ones that link to studies and has information on the feed to water ratio along with fermentation time. I have seen and read --
  3. Chris09

    Quick question about Myers Poultry Farm in P.A.

    Has anyone bought either Broad breasted Cornish Cross, White Cornish Rock Giant (non hybrid broiler strain) or Red Cornish from Myers Poultry Farm in P.A.? How was the Co. to work with, and what were there birds like? Thanks, Chris
  4. Chris09

    What breeds are these?

    Ok, just for giggles, can you guess the breeds? Breed 1 - Breed 2 - Breed 3 - Breed 4 - Not my birds. Chris
  5. Chris09

    Cobb or Hubbard Cornish Cross chicks

    Is the a hatchery that sells Cobb or Hubbard Broiler chicks, if not who has a good Broiler? Thank You, Chris
  6. Chris09

    Looking for commercial egg layers.

    Could someone tell me the best place to get either Hisex Brown, Dekalb Brown, Babcock Brown or ISA Brown chicks. Thank You, Chris
  7. Chris09

    The Blues as a color, with some basic discription and pictures.

    I have seen some confusion with the Blue plumage color so I will try to list the different "Blues" that can found on chicken with pictures and a short description of that Blue. Try to bare with me this might take some time. Disclaimer pictures posted were found on the internet and are not my...
  8. Chris09

    One very LARGE chicken.

    I know that there was more than one post asking "what is the largest breed of chicken so when I found this photo on another form and had to post it here. He (the chicken) weighs in at 8.5kg (18.7392923 lbs) and was said to be a Asil. This bird makes a Jersey Giant look small. (Not My Bird)...
  9. Chris09

    Self Blue Silkie Acceptance Question..

    Quick question, Was the Self Blue/ Lavender Silkie attempt to gain acceptance this week at Ohio Nationals? I herd that the Self Blue/ Lavender Silkie was attempt to gain acceptance but that the APA and ABA agreed that it will be accepted as a Self Blue Silkie. Lavender Silkie was not an...
  10. Chris09

    Try to figure this one out...

    Here is one to ponder about.. Saw this over at Chris
  11. Chris09

    Here are some helpful and useful links. Updated 6/8 1:21

    Here is a list of some helpful links. American Poultry Association American Bantam Association The APA/ABA Youth Program The National 4H Website The National FFA Website American Livestock Breed Conservancy The Poultry Diseases Network Poultry Breeding and Genetics Rhode Island Red Club...
  12. Chris09

    Diagrams,poultry parts,charts, and lots of reading Updated Nov. 13th

    I have seen some of the newbies asking questions about different parts of the chicken so here are some diagrams I have found on the net. on the chicken anatomy. I hope that it helps some of the newbies out.... Buttercup This comb consists of a single leader from base of beak to a cup-shaped...
  13. Chris09

    Color Question

    Does any one know what color this is going to be? It is out of a Black Tom and a Slate Hen.. Thanks, Chris
  14. Chris09

    -- White Silkie Cockerel need Opinion --

    OK, This one of the silkie we hatched last year. He is still a cockerel (10 months old ) and lacks in good foot feathering but that might be do to free ranging all winter... I believe that he could use improvement on crest, beard and tail but might just be me.. So what do you all think.. Please...
  15. Chris09

    *Here are some good History of Breeds and online poultry books*

    HISTORY OF BREEDS “Where it all began” Researched and written by: D. Robinson, APA-ABA Youth Program. Chris
  16. Chris09

    --->Splash Polish Leg/ shank color<---

    What is the correct color for Leg/ Shank on a Splash Polish. I looked over at the Polish Breeders Club ( ) but not Splash.. Thank You, Chris
  17. Chris09

    Info. on NUTRIENTS and FEEDS

    I found this some time ago and thought I post it here. I take no part in wrighting this! ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS WATER: Birds can live longer without food than without water. Lack of a consistant supply of fresh water hinders the growth of...
  18. Chris09

    Genetic Calculator Question

    On the Genetic Calculator what would I use for the Color of the Rhode Island Red? I believe it would be a Red Columbian.. Right? Chris
  19. Chris09

    Standard Cochin evaluation W/ pic.

    OK this is a 16 week old Black Standard Cochin Cockerel. I would like to know the Pros. and Cons of this bird and I would like to know if he is worth holding on to and breeding/ showing next year.. I know that he has a lot of growing/ filling out to do.. Thanks Chris
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