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    Need a rooster

    Hello. I'm posting here, I'm in the need of a rooster, ours passed away the other day. He has to be 1 month or younger. Ct. Or ma. Only. Thank you My hens need a man soon, they free range, I have about 14. So they are pretty sad..... Thanks,
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    Want to get rid of my chickens ct only

    Deleting thread
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    I'm back

    Hi!!! It's been a year since I've been on here!!!!! How is everyone? An update: we still own our chickens and ducks!! I had my third baby about 3 months ago!!! Busy busy Andrea- :):)
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    lost my chicken (picture))

    I havent posted in forever, but came here today because chicken people understand. I have alot of chickens maybe 20 and 4 ducks. I free range them while home. Yesterday was like any other day, except different. I have this smallish black and white cochin we call her "baby black and white one" i...
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    Looking for advice please...pic included

    below is a dead baby chic i found in with the broody chic. very sad, as this would have been her first time being a mom. shes a great girl about 4 years old. Anyways, question is about how much longer do you think this chic had, before she could have made it out alive?? i dont know what...
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    My New babies!!!!! pictures too!

    Hello. We added to our flock ... with 6 more chicks!! Now, only if i could figure out how to upload my pictures!! (sigh)) I havent figured that out since byc changed over their website!
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    New chicks!!!

    Hello, I haven't been on in a while. But I find myself coming back... thats a good thing right? Anyways, we are expecting between monday and tuesday of this coming week to get 6 baby chicks. We are sooo excited. A little background, we currently have 10 chickens, 2 are about 5 years old from our...
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    My old dog passed away today.

    So My old sammie the dog who is 15 years old, was diganosed this week with kidney disease. He was starting to go down hill, pretty fast. I was putting him on a special diet. I mostly had to hand feed him. Today was like any other day. I let him outside to pee and came back in with him. He layed...
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    Random pictures from a chilly day today with "my girls"

    It all starts with my daughter and our favorite chicken And then we have to run after the others.... And so they all start running. and running. then we break And we swing a little. some over here and there. that look from "him" I say "whatever". Time for a tractor ride...
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    Did anyone else see this?

    Pulled from, here's an article about this rare beautiful duck. THought I would share. Rare Asian duck draws bird watchers to Calif. - Yahoo! News
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    just watched a bad movie...

    So we got our netflix movie in the mail today. " Where the wild things are". It was so bad. Horrible film. Just giving imo. My kids are still watching it, I grabbed the laptop. I am a bit artsy but still felt this movie was bad. There was no plot, and writing, well didnt make any sense. Tried to...
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    Cat question

    Our kitty.. around 6 months old (adopted her 3 weeks ago or so))) I put a collar on her, has jingles and info tag etc. Even tho shes a indoor cat, I am nervous if she sneaks outside, like if the kids accidently leave the door open etc. Do you all put collars on your indoor cats. ? I feel bad I...
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    What's your outside temp today?

    Holy moly!!! Brrr its cold here in ct. Reached a single digit of 9 (sigh)) I know some parts of the world its much colder... but still! The animals still wanted to go outside... I threw bird seed in their for them, keeping them busy for a few minutes.
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    I think I know, but need for you to tell me

    I made a ton of home made chicken soup. I used a whole chicken and cooked it about 10 hours today in my crock pot.....I have a ton!!! Now Here comes the question: Can I give some to the animals , chickens and ducks? Without being wrong so to speak... Like It might be a long lost cousin I've...
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    Family friendly question?

    So, we are going to have a busy next few days, We are doing a date night, (hubby and me) friday night, wine tasting. very exciting. Then saturday night, well its new years eve!! My husbands really good friend throwing a big party. (minus any kids). I know its going to be some drinking. His...
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    So, besides the strong wind and rain that kept our family up most of the night , I was just as worried for my animals outdoors. I checked on them often, but then went to bed. I let the dogs outside this morning and looked around for falling branches etc. And yeah saw our garbage can (a tough...
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    Strength for my friend

    Hello. My co-worker of 13 years has been diagonosed (sorry sad typing) with colon cancer. Shes at the begining stages. And was going in to the doctor for a check to see if its spread. This is the most kindest , warmest person i have ever gotten to know. :hitshe would give you the shirt off her...
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    *meet our new family member** pics update last post

    We went to visit the Connecticut human society this morning!! And we now are owners of a kitten (their last one too!!)) named socks!! She is so cuddly and cute!!
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    Sooo I received a gift card about 1 year ago to a massage and back place. It was a thoughtful gesture. Just took me forever to use it. So I went last week. I had a therapist that totally talked my ear off. Went on and on about herself. Meanwhile this was my first ever experience getting a...
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