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  1. Criticalicious

    4 BCM Roos in Virginia

    Hatched out 4 BCM roosters out of a batch of 6 eggs this past spring, and I've been too busy to find them new homes. I'm in New Market, Virginia. I posted these beauties on Craigs List (see link for more pictures and description) with a small rehome fee but for a BYC member willing to give them...
  2. Criticalicious

    Baby chick loves playing in water

    Last week I acquired 3 Black Copper Maran chicks, and they are thriving (the breeder only had 3; I'm going back for 3 more on Thursday). One I am fairly confident is a rooster, because of how he walks and stands compared to the other two. And he is enamored with WATER. I gave them a standard...
  3. Criticalicious

    Newbie questions

    I am incubating 7 dark brown BCM eggs in a Brinsea II Advanced, set two weeks ago in the evening. I have searched Google and these forums for awhile and can't seem to find answers to some basic questions about candling. 1. Will the air cell grow if there's no embryo? I've been marking what I...
  4. Criticalicious

    Snuffly rooster - MG or something else? Tylan 50 question

    I think this is Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) but is there something else it could be? Do you recommend anything besides rest, warmth and Tylan 50? Looking for suggestions as to what's going on with my rooster, in case I have overlooked something. Been doing a lot of reading. Here are the...
  5. Criticalicious

    That chicken on Modern Family episode

    Someone more experienced than I, please chime in. What breed is the chicken shown on this week's episode of Modern Family? Is that even a hen? Or is it a young roo?
  6. Criticalicious

    Black copper marans roosters in Virginia

    I posted this thread in 8 wks and up forum but these guys are free to good home. Pair of well bred black copper marans roosters in Virginia, raised together. They are sweet as can be.
  7. Criticalicious

    BCM Roo Pair in Rockingham VA

    Pair of cockerels just north of Harrisonburg, Virginia. At birth their feathers were pullet shaped but at 12 weeks they are definitely cockerels. Handraised and well cared for, French Black Copper Marans from good stock (feathered feet). Purchased from Egg Well Farm (NPIP certified), whose stock...
  8. Criticalicious

    Any experience with buying a "Chicken Safe" run?

    I found this site called Chicken Safe Inc. via an ad in Backyard Poultry magazine. The runs look heavy duty, large, and not too much more expensive than if I bought wood and wire and constructed it myself. Plus I wouldn't have to transport it, because they offer free shipping. It even includes a...
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