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  1. Timothy Menezes

    What do you use as Quail Starter Feed?

    Purina Startena crumbles here for about first six weeks. Then I start mixing it with a lower protein starter, they don't like switching feeds instantly. About 8 week mark start getting them on a layer crumble for the calcium, fiber, and other nutrients they need to support egg laying. I looked...
  2. Timothy Menezes

    What ratio do i need to use to mix food and mealworms?

    If they are growing, then my understanding you want to shoot for about 28% protein. The ratio you mentioned sounds like it would be well over 30% but math isn't my strong suit. Metzers has feed calculater that might help you. If they are adults the 24% is plenty of protein and you can just...
  3. Timothy Menezes

    Best Chicken Watering system?

    Just a quick side note, in the demo he says to separate the water bottle from the stand and carry just the bottle to the water source. That is obviously a salesman that hasn't actually used it the product. There's no reason to separate it like that unless your doing a deep clean on it. The...
  4. Timothy Menezes

    Best Chicken Watering system?

    I have tried a few different designs and I really like the Little Giant design. Keeps the water dish up off the ground to prevent them scratching dirt and junk into it so the water stays nice and clean.
  5. Timothy Menezes

    New Chicken Family

    How many did you get and what breeds? I want pics! :wee
  6. Timothy Menezes

    What to feed Chickens and Ducks

    Rooster booster is made by the same people that make poultry Booster. Many have used them with good results so it's a quality product. Bit no I have not used either one. I did my research on vitamin packs years ago, and the one I linked above was best for me as it had the most Niacin for the...
  7. Timothy Menezes


    The grit and Oyster shell are not in the feed. They are essential to their diet but only in very small amounts, just like salt is essential in yours. They only eat a tiny bit, that's why it's better not to mix them into their feed.
  8. Timothy Menezes

    3 week old developed curly feet; need advice

    How's your little chick? This article was written more from a waterfowl standpoint but they have very similar needs. A lack Niacin (Vitamin B3) causes leg and foot issues in either species.
  9. Timothy Menezes

    Chick Feed

    If your a commercial producer with 1000's of birds that are shoe horned into a tiny space, then yes, vaccines, medicated feeds, and antibiotics are very necessary. Typically none of those is necessary for a small flock with lots of space. :thumbsup :wee
  10. Timothy Menezes

    Production Blues

    I bought Production Blues a few days ago at TSC. The guy there said they lay blue eggs. As I had never heard of the breed I was unaware that he was very wrong. I bought 3 Blues, 3 Welsummers, a white mystery chick that I believe is White Rock, and a white feather footed bantam that I believe...
  11. Timothy Menezes

    3 week old developed curly feet; need advice

    It's my understanding that this is caused by a vitamin deficiency. What are you feeding them? See if you can find a vitamin supplement at your local feed store or order one online. Poultry Booster is popular but I haven't tried it. I like the BVS poultry vitamin starter packs. Metzers sells...
  12. Timothy Menezes

    Looking for Muscovys - Georgia

    Metzer Farms are shipping muscovy's again
  13. Timothy Menezes

    Looking for Rooster

    It's amazing how after seeing one hawk attack they learn to keep an eye on the sky.
  14. Timothy Menezes

    Naked Necks Care

    I haven't had a naked neck as I don't like the look of them. But my wife's family like them and have never treated them any different than their regular chickens.
  15. Timothy Menezes

    Looking for Rooster

    Turkey vultures are no threat to anything living. Black vultures are a possible threat, and Hawks are a definite threat. Yes a good rooster and some trees for cover are good defences against such threats. Around here roosters are easy to find from people that have too many and want to get rid of...
  16. Timothy Menezes

    Constant pasty butt!

    I would try DE (diatomaceous earth) and make sure it's food grade. My local feed store sells it. It's not likely to kill all intestinal parasites but it will reduce them to a manageable level. Most animals immune systems will deal with them but some don't for some reason or other. You can mix it...
  17. Timothy Menezes

    Roosters started fighting out of nowhere

    It's spring and hormones are elevated for breeding season, sounds like it's time to thin out some of the males. If your too attached to them to make them into soup then you might try giving a few of them away.
  18. Timothy Menezes

    Chick Feed

    I would use up the medicated for them first, then switch over to the non medicated. By that time they will have learned that eating poop is nasty and won't need the meds.
  19. Timothy Menezes

    Do I still need to offer oyster shell?

    Oyster is always a good idea no matter what your feeding them. It sits in their gizzard slowly giving them calcium at night when they are often making an eggshell to lay in the morning.
  20. Timothy Menezes

    What to feed Chickens and Ducks

    Feeds are generally formulated for different parts of a birds life. Such as starter (generally about 20% protein, 1% calcium), grower / maintenance (14 to 18% protein, 1% calcium), and layer (16ish% protein, 3% calcium). The name on the bag of feed let's you know what stage of life it's intended...
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