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  1. chickenmamalp

    Animal/plant/seed swap Port Charlotte FL and surrounding areas A warm welcome to all people trying to make a difference in their own lives and communities by educating themselves in various regenerist activities. Come have fun on our little urban farm and enjoy a great day and night with friends new and...
  2. chickenmamalp

    funny pic

  3. chickenmamalp

    would like deviled egg recepies that hide yellow yolk taste.

    yes i'm weird! Love the white ,like to dunk my toast in the yellow but can't eat the yolk. Looking for receipe for deviled eggs??
  4. chickenmamalp

    Radio by the coop solving problem for now

    We have been having a problem with bobcats killing our chickens that are allowed to run free in our yard. Decided to put a radio out there in hopes to deter them from coming around so far so good but we are still building an enclosed run.
  5. chickenmamalp

    limping goat?

    We took over our little goat to get bred and noticed all the goats and sheep these people had were limping. I was so relucant to leave her but we drove along way so I let her stay. 3 weeks later we pick her up and her hind leg seems hurt. She has a slight limp and holds her foot up. Can a...
  6. chickenmamalp

    wormed hens, How long do we wait to eat eggs??

    We just did our first worming ,how long do we wait? The eggs are piling up to be thrown out and its killing me!!!
  7. chickenmamalp

    hen started pecking small hole in top off her egg??

    We have a hen that pocks a hole in the top of her egg, she doesn't bust the whole thing jusy a small hole??? What do we do?
  8. chickenmamalp

    youngsick duck -swaying her head and unsteady, seems almost blind ????

    I have a 1 1/2 month duck that took sick today. It is swaying her head around and lethargic. Seems "drunk" and like it doesn't see well?????
  9. chickenmamalp

    loosing a bird a day to unknown illness???

    Hi I'm scared something is infected our flock. I have lost a chick each day. They get lethargic. sleepy seems some stiffness in legs noticed a few tiny blood spots don't know if something bit it then its head rolls back and dies in my hands. They are fine and then..... the one today did have...
  10. chickenmamalp

    please, please help me! they're hatching, what do i do???

    ok I'm freaking, I see a beak and the others have a small crack, om gosh will they come out? I added water quick! what should i do?????????
  11. chickenmamalp

    first hatch due April 3rd very worried!

    i have 7 eggs only 6 are good. They are in a Brinsea mini advance. Auto turn stops last two days. Temp steady 99.5-99.6 They are due the same day I have my Country Market. I haven't figured that out yet!!!! Any things I should or should not do? I did try 7 eggs before none hatched the eggs...
  12. chickenmamalp

    1st hatch, scared to put them in , eggs sitting on counter!!

    I have a new Brinsea mini advance with auto turner I have never hatched before and I am so scared to get started the bator has been running all day temp is 99.5 I have the eggs on the counter and I don't know what to do..............
  13. chickenmamalp

    urghhhhh another one disappeared!

    It is so fustrating we get our chicks day old and raise them.. This is the third one that vanished!They free range during the day and go in at night. It was an adolescent dominque. heartbraking!!!!
  14. chickenmamalp

    Want to have a perfect fried egg???

    My daughter's 10 yr. old friend just taught us this: !. Take a piece of bread and use a cup to punch out a circle. 2. fry the bread in the leftover bacon grease or not 3. crack the egg in the hole of the bread and fry as usual......... Perfect!!!!!!!!!!
  15. chickenmamalp

    polyvitamins how many drops?

    I have the white and red water bottles, small one how many drops do i put in? Chicks are day old to 1 week?
  16. chickenmamalp

    which hatchery should I order from?

    I have never ordered before and I want to get some in Feb. Who should I use? I was looking more at rare breeds
  17. chickenmamalp

    Just got new Brinsea incubator from 4-H this will be our first hatch!

    SOOOOO excited 4-H purchased a Brinsea incubator for my 4-H club North Port Nesters I have never hatched before. I'm already nervous. Only problem now is I got rid of my roo so, I have to find some fertile eggs!
  18. chickenmamalp

    sell your items in the byc store please

    I just sent a pm to admin. and asked for a store so you all can sell your stuff and then I go and there it is already. Would like to purchase some of your items. I am not talented in this way so Thanks to all that are.
  19. chickenmamalp

    what are chick behaviors/looks that would suggest it's a rooster?

    I have been getting some straight runs and is there a way to tell if they are roos ? certain looks behaviors etc.. Is "fighting one of them? I mean baby chicks to several weeks?
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