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  1. Timothy Menezes

    Best breed for blue eggs

    So I've been reading reviews from various hatcheries on their blue egg laying varieties. The reviews are spotty at best on all of them. I have had a few Americanas and they laid slightly green tinted eggs. I'm wanting blue, and hopefully more blue than my slightly tinted greens. Anyone have some...
  2. Timothy Menezes

    White leghorn going broody?

    So I have had various birds go broody, usually barred rocks, and Americanas an such. But to my surprise, I now have a white leghorn that's set on some eggs and determined to stay there. Anybody had a white leghorn that successfully hatched out some eggs?
  3. Timothy Menezes

    Gophers stealing chicken feed!

    So this is a new one on me, my main feeder in the coup is on a concrete pad so it’s safe. But I have been placing 2 smaller feeders outside on the ground as I have 2 groups of chickens, and 1 group of ducks. The older chickens are territorial with the younger pullets and the ducks. I spaced out...
  4. Timothy Menezes

    JMF Golden Layer Quail Has anybody tried these? I'd like to know your take on this variety whether you have had them or not. I believe they were developed by JMF and distributed by KCQF. They are not Jumbo's, but are supposed to be excellent layers of 12 to 14...
  5. Timothy Menezes

    Best price I can find

    So I recently started adding supplements to the chickens waterer. And prices locally are high, just found this source online which is a very good price. It's a complete vitamin/mineral concentrate. Also for you duck lovers, there is plenty of Niacin for your fast growing ducklings...
  6. Timothy Menezes

    Anybody try this bulk Niacin?

    Came across this and wondered if anyone else had tried this form of Niacin and what they thought of it. Also same question with Metzers vitamin pack. Sorry you have to scroll down a bit to find it...
  7. Timothy Menezes

    JMF Golden layer or regular JMF jumbo egg layer?

    Hi guys and gals, been looking at the Kansas City Quail website and they have some awesome new quail strains from James Maria Farms. So many beautiful color patterns! The purpose (or excuse lol) for me getting these birds is to make healthy eggs for the family. And meat from the culls I...
  8. Timothy Menezes

    Which incubator?

    So I am looking to get an incubator so I can order some Quail eggs. I had no idea they were so expensive. I clicked on one of the Brinsea adds on this website, and the one I wanted (Ovation 56 EX) is almost $600! There scratched, dented, or used for demo purposes section has them at $479. Ouch...
  9. Timothy Menezes

    Golden Layers?

    Has anyone tried the Golden Layer Hybrid from JMF? I have heard it exists, and they are supposed to lay large quantities of extra large eggs but can't find anyone who has actually tried them yet. Thanks in advance guys and gals
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