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    Molting 3+ times a year??

    Hi all. My 2 Wellsummers molt AT LEAST twice a year, sometimes up to 4. It feels like as soon as they finish molting, they molt again. And my Easter Egger molts about 2x a year. My other hens molt once a year or less. So, any ideas on what might be going on? Thanks all!
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    My poor sick hen. What am I missing here?

    Poor Angelica. I noticed her acting a little lethargic last Saturday, but by Monday it was clear something was wrong. She had her tail tucked down, walked funny, waggled her tail a lot, spend her whole day laying in the coop instead of free-ranging with the flock and wouldn't (couldn't?) get up...
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    2nd molt in 6 months?

    Hi community. Thanks in advance for your help. In my flock of 7 hens, my two 17 month old Welsummer hens hard molted all summer long and had just begun laying again in late November when they both stopped laying again. They seem to be losing feathers again and their combs have grayed out again...
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    Rooster? The surprise fowl!

    When we brought home this "buff oprington" chick 4 months ago, we were certainly in for a surprise. Not only is it clearly not a BO thanks to its huge comb and feathered feet, it's also 1/3 larger than the entire rest of the flock (even the 2 year old Welsummers), and we suspect it's a roo...
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    A question for you all from a newbie in Berkeley California.

    Hi everyone- So grateful for this forum. You all helped us pick out our breeds (2 wellsummers, 2 easter eggers, 2 polish), figure out how to have a healthy/happy brooder box, and what we should do in our coop (to light or not to light - that is the question!). The chicks are 7 weeks old now...
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    7 week old White Crested Polish. Boy or Girl?

    This flock terror is a 7 week old bantam (white crested polish). It picks on all the others (2 Wellsummers, 2 Easter Eggers, 1 other other polish who's in isolation because all her head feathers were pecked out and bleeding by this terror). This is Popcorn. Yesterday Popcorn started crowing...
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