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  1. mdbokc

    Ceramic eggs under attack

    Well, it is Ft Knox at night. During the day, the human door is open so anything can get in. And that is when this is occurring. Since crow seems to be a potential culprit (I know other birds have flown in during the day on rare occasion), I'll close the human door and the pop door will...
  2. mdbokc

    Ceramic eggs under attack

    We keep a ceramic egg in most nests at all times for the occasional snake that gets in. Typically, end of that problem. However, we just lost a couple of ceramic eggs over a couple of days with a smaller egg count as well. I figured another snake or two got them. When adding new eggs, I...
  3. mdbokc

    Comment by 'mdbokc' in article 'Large Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops'

    I can't figure out how to edit my earlier comment so as to add my invisible fence which continues to work well year after year without maintenance to date.
  4. mdbokc

    Comment by 'mdbokc' in article 'Large Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops'

    Mine is not on the new site either, at least not that I can find. It is 8' x 12.' It can be found at...
  5. mdbokc

    Our Royal Chickens

    Life is good in Oklahoma...for some chickens. We keep RIR and Golden Comets. We order from Cackle Hatchery as needed. GC - 2 weeks old RIR - 2 weeks
  6. mdbokc

    Fences Visible Invisible

    We wanted a fence to keep chickens in (7' high), not trying to keep predators out. The arrangement is visually pleasing as the fence is basically not seen once you are about 15 feet away from it. It is easy to put together and relocate as necessary. The basics are 2' high chicken wire at...
  7. Our Chicken Palace

    Our Chicken Palace

    We built an 8' x12' walk-in coop. I used large, 36" overhangs to keep the sun off the coop walls. They also keep rain, even wind driven rain, out of the coop and away from the windows on the sides. Below, I left the tops of the walls open between the roof trusses. Cut hardware cloth to...
  8. mdbokc

    Apple cider vinegar

    The Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar expiration date is printed on the upper portion of the bottle, at the shoulder and neck taper area. The lower line of the 2 contains the expiration date. The upper line contains the 'lot' number for the manufacturer reference and the time, in 24 hour format, that...
  9. mdbokc

    Apple cider vinegar

    Forget processed vinegar from the store as it lacks minerals, electrolytes with proteins, etc. That white bottled/clear stuff at the store is basically without any nutritional value.
  10. mdbokc

    How Much DE?

    I have an 8' x 12' coop with pine shavings. I dust DE over part of the floor once or twice a week. Just depends. I dust the poop boards and roosts occasionally. A 50# bag lasts me a couple of years easily. I use a floor sifter which allows real good control of the amount applied. No DE in...
  11. mdbokc

    Fertilizing lawn

    Check out:
  12. mdbokc

    Injuries while caring for your chickens

    OK, here is how to heal the wife took 200 stitches in the face as a result of a car accident on the highway at highway speeds. Purchase a product called Cell Food (health store or online). Acquire a supply of Q-tips. Using purified water, add 2 - 5 drops of Cell Food to one...
  13. mdbokc

    For the new folks that haven't experienced a molt yet.

    A hard molt like that in the winter and my girls get under the heat lamps. Otherwise, they are trembling and shaking from the cold. One of the few times I use supplemental heating in the coop.
  14. mdbokc

    Golf Balls

    I am using golf balls now that the ceramic eggs I used for years disappeared last week. Now I am on the watch for a snake carcass that has three inedible eggs in it. I want those eggs back.
  15. mdbokc

    Golden comet pullet??

    Yep, the boys are white at that age. Here is one of my GC girls at 2 weeks.
  16. mdbokc

    Food and water in coop or run or both?

    I use a heated water bowl in the winter. The strap above the bowl keeps them from climbing up on the well as the water height being at the height of their backs. Wet shavings not an issue after using this for years. Otherwise, it is water outdoors, feed and water always indoors.
  17. mdbokc

    Is this old age?

    Speckled Hen was correct. She did not last long after my original posting...about 24 hrs.
  18. mdbokc

    Is this old age?

    I believe that she quit laying about a year ago. No distention of the abdomen. She seems most content laying in the sun. Saturday afternoon is a bad time to go critical here. Appreciate everyone's input.
  19. mdbokc

    Is this old age?

    Yep, but as people age differently, I suspect chickens might too. But changing the body shape into a ball is a new one for me. She is alert and well aware of her surroundings.
  20. mdbokc

    Is this old age?

    She is a 4 year old golden comet but the first time I recall seeing one assume the shape of a ball. No extended neck, walks stiff and slowly and I now have her eat separately (but still in sight of the flock) as she eats a little, rests and then eats some more. No one is picking on her. But...
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