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  1. grampies57

    Silkie breeders in eastern NC

    Looking silkie breeders and fanciers in eastern NC. Looking to buy hatching eggs, chicks, or breeding stock. I currently have a buff pair laying, buff eggs in incubator from same breeder I got the pair from. A half grown trio of partridge, and a 5 week old chick. And three 7 week old white...
  2. grampies57

    What color cochin will I get?

    Have a blue Cochin bantam roo. I found on line info about blue to blue, blue to black, blue to splash. What can I expect with blue to buff and blue to white? I have one fizzle buff, will all or what % of her offspring be fizzled? Any help would be great, thanks.
  3. grampies57

    Black duckling

    I bought 2 ducklings that are compleatly black at the local feed store. They ordered what were sold as Easter Ducks. Some were black, dark brown, and some looked like Mallard ducklings. Any one have any ideas on what breed they might be?
  4. grampies57

    Have I lost the batch?????

    Power strip kicked off that incubator and turner were pluged into. Was on late saterday night, found off sunday morn. May have been off as long as 9 hours. Temp was 65 when I found it. Temp back up in about 60 mins. Power strip is gone now. Should I let it go and hope for the best or are they...
  5. grampies57

    help with ID on Bantam pair

    Went to look at two pair of Japanese bantams, and the seller let me have this pair of birds for 1/2 price. They were getting out of bantams, only had these three pair left and if I took the third pair he would cut the price. They look like some type of Old English game, but I am unsure which...
  6. grampies57

    Royal Palm question

    Do males start to get black on wings much sooner than the females, even in the first after hatching? I am feeding them gamebird starter 28%, will they grow at a much faster rate then my chickens? Any info would great.
  7. grampies57

    need help eith an id

    anyone know what breed and varitey my one[/img]ar roo is
  8. grampies57

    new member

    Hello from costal NC, had my brood about 1 year. Have 10 layers, 1 rooster,2 bantam hens, and 9 bantam roosters. Bantams were st. run 3 day old chicks from a friend's friend. Have hatched out 23 assorted chicks from my girls eggs.
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