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  1. smfarman

    Mrs. Meyer's adopt me program chick ID

    I got some chicks from Meyer's adopt me program and Iam not sure what this one is, any ideas this is a 12 day old chick
  2. smfarman

    Who layed these eggs

    Yesterday I got a brown egg and today I got a brown egg, but today's egg color is darker and it's a bit smaller. I don't know who laid them. I have buff orpington and wyandotte, so can someone tell me who laid which one
  3. smfarman

    Will pullets start laying or is it late in the season

    I have 8 pullets ( 20 to 25weeks old) that their crowns and waddles are turning red, but is it to late in the year for them to start laying? I am still feeding them a 20% grower feed (available all the time) with alfalfa and black sunflower seeds as treats twice a week. Thank you for any advice...
  4. smfarman

    How do I reintegrate a cockerel

    Last week I caught one of my white rocks pullets , 8 weeks old, (turns out to be cockerel ) fighting with my lavender Orphington cockerel (8 weeks old), so I removed him and put him in a separate carrier. Would it be a good idea to put him back with the other white rock pullets and move the...
  5. smfarman

    How do you get rid of gnats

    I have put 8 pullets in a look no touch double cage, and yesterday I notice them twitching their heads. Upon examination I found a lot of gnats swarming their heads, I put diatomaceous earth on the ground below the cage and around it, but is there anything else I can do to help my pullets get...
  6. smfarman

    How much sq ft does the coop need

    I am confused about how much square feet you need to have in the coop per chicken (I heard 2 to 4 feet for each hen) then was told what ever you think you need doulde that ( so what is that). Please help
  7. smfarman

    How can I clean and treat a wound

    Friday my lavender Orphingtons where attack by a raccoon, 1 was killed and 1 was wounded. The wounded one has a large gash down the side of her neck, I used peroxide to clean it, but is there any thing else I can use to keep it cleaned and help the wound to heal? Any advice would be appreciated...
  8. smfarman

    This is not a lavender Orphington chick so what breed is it?

    I thought I was getting 2 lavender Orphington chicks, I did get 1 lavender Orphington chick, but I don't know what this one is with leg feathers. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated
  9. smfarman

    Can you use wet grit

    Is it safe to give chickens wet grit? it has been raining here nonstop and the bag of grit got torn and got wet. Or Should I just get new grit.
  10. smfarman

    How long should the look no touch last

    I have 2 Wyandottes at 12 weeks, 2 wyandottes 11 weeks that are together in a cage outside that joins another cage that has 2 white leghorns at 11 weeks, how long should they be in the cage before I put them in the coop together. I also have 3 Buff Orpingtons at 16 weeks that I need to join into...
  11. smfarman

    Day old Lavender Orphington chicks

    Iam so excited that I finally got Lavender Orphington chicks, I ordered 1 Barred Rock and 2 Lavender Orphington, then they sent 1 Lavendar Orpington as a meal maker.
  12. smfarman

    How do you tell if the chick is a rooster

    This picture taken Friday and the picture below was 2 weeks ago, I am not sure if I have a rooster and how do you tell?
  13. smfarman

    Which breeds are these

    I bought Black Australorps, Jersey Gaints, and Barred Rocks and the sale rep put them all in one box. It's been a week and I'm still not sure which are which ones?
  14. smfarman

    Can you bathe 6 week old chicks

    Iam in Florida and humidity is high and my 6 week old chicks look like their feathers are mated or is this normal? I have been putting them outside during the day in a chicken tractor then bring them inside a barn at night.
  15. smfarman

    Starting a flock

    Hi Iam smfarman, I am located in central Florida. My plans were to get 6 to 8 chicks, but friends & family I have 15 - 4 Barred Rocks 6wks old, 4-Silver laced Wayndottes 6wks old, 4-Buff Orphingtons 4 wks old, and 3-Black Australorps 2 wks old all age groups are separated for now. I have been...
  16. smfarman

    Strange behavior from my chickens

    Is it all right to bath your chickens? My rhode Island Reds and my Buff Orphington found standing water after it rained yesterday, they looked like they where trying to do the dust bath but with muddy water.
  17. smfarman

    First Eggs from Black Australorp

    My Black Australorp 23 weeks and 4 days old laid their first eggs, Buff Orpington 24 weeks and 4 days are now laying eggs. The Australorps, each has laid 2 eggs this week and the buff orpington has laid 9 eggs now in 2 weeks. 2 Top on left and 1 top right are from the Buff Orpington the 2...
  18. smfarman

    My Buff Orphington laid her first egg

    My 24 week and 5 days old Buff Orphington laid her first egg around 7pm tonight, I am so excited even though it is only 3" long it is perfect.
  19. smfarman

    my chickens still not laying eggs at 32 weeks

    My Rhode Island Red 32 week old chickens are not laying eggs can someone please help? They are inside and in a large pet crate, have added light to give them 16 hours of light, added DE to their food 2 weeks ago for any worms, they are on layer crumbles and oyster shells. This picture was...
  20. smfarman

    My 32 week old Rhode Island Reds not laying

    I am getting concerned about my rhode island red chickens not laying eggs yet, I have put them in a large dog crate now for five days just case they where hiding their eggs, but no eggs. They have combs and waddles and been doing the egg song, they are on layer crumbles and oyster shells .
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