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  1. PaulaMc

    Vet thinks my Silky has a tumour!

    Hi all I feel so bad as have been treating my standard silky (Jackie), for two days with Epsom salt baths and massage etc, thinking she was egg bound. However, when I took her to the vet, he said he thinks it could be a tumour! Have left her overnight as she is having an ultrasound scan...
  2. PaulaMc

    Panicking about silkie's growth

    Hi all Only noticed this when bathing my babies today. What do you think the weird growth and multi-coloured wattle is please? Bridget seems fine otherwise. Thanks.
  3. PaulaMc

    Mucky bottom help needed please.

    Hi all This is Talula - an ex battery hen I adopted in May. When I brought her home she had no rear end, tail or wing feathers and her floppy crop was white. As you can see she is feathering up nicely. However, despite trying all sorts such as: bathing, Ivermectin, Smite powder and DE etc...
  4. PaulaMc

    Avian influenza alert in Europe.

    Hi all In England DEFRA have imposed a 30 day alert for this terrible disease so we all have to keep our hens inside. The 6th of January seems a long way off until they can free range again. Have you experienced this and have you any tips please for keeping hens that usually free range...
  5. PaulaMc

    How do I change my name please?

    Just realised I have put Paul instead of Paula ha ha. Thanks
  6. PaulaMc

    Any advice please on caring for hens in winter when working full time?

    Hi everyone. I live in the north of England and currently it is winter. The days are getting shorter and shorter- sunrise 8-8.30 and sunset 3.30. I work full time as a teacher so need to leave home at 7.30am and often do not get home until after 6pm. This wasn't a problem in the summer as I...
  7. PaulaMc

    Should I give my hens a choice of coop please?

    Hi everyone. This is my first post on this great site. I am in Manchester, England. Have got 3 ex battery hens and 3 black silkies, 2 are miniature. The problem is that the big girls dominate one of the miniatures in the coop and often sit on her in the nest boxes. The ex batts tend to sleep...
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