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  1. The_Flock

    Acclimate a recovered hen from indoors to outdoors in -15C

    Hi all. I am happy to say I have a recovering Ameraucana hen who I will be looking to put back in the coop in the next few days. She's spent the last 6 days in the house and it is winter here. The nights go down to at least -15C. It was really warm and sunny out today so I gave her a bit of...
  2. The_Flock

    Slow hen, diarrhea, big crop, she's sick

    Hello peeps. Please help. ❤ My 2 yr old Ameraucana hen is very much off. Her behaviour was off about a week ago. So I checked her and couldn't find anything going on with her. She had stuff in her crop but she also ate her brekkie shortly before I checked her, so I assumed that's why. She LOVES...
  3. The_Flock

    Fermented feed in winter??

    Hello peeps. I'm feeding my girls fermented scratch and they are loving it.'s very cold here, often at or below -10°C. Today it is -18°C and the feed is frozen. I drain it really well before I take it to them. And then I break it up when it freezes and the girls still eat it. Are there...
  4. The_Flock

    Fermented feed for molting?

    Hi Peeps! I just started feeding fermented feed to my girls and they LOVE it. I have one bird with a lowered immune system, so I feel this will help. My question is does fermenting the feed add extra protein for a molting bird? Or should I still give them eggs? I'm feeding them kale, eggs (at...
  5. The_Flock

    Yellow urates -Yes another thread about this

    My girl Lucy is coming up to a year. She's an ameraucana/EE. A few days ago she was acting off so I took a look at her and everything was normal, but I noticed she's molting. All of my other 5 adult girls have molted already or are almost through their molt. But Lucy hasn't molted yet. She laid...
  6. The_Flock

    Hen with different shade of comb

    Hi Peeps. I have seven 23 week old pullets. One of them, Quinn, a Columbian Rock, looks like her comb is a bit darker, or something, than the other Columbian rock pullet. Quinn has been sneezing randomly (def not anything virus or respiratory as she's been doing it from a young age) but it...
  7. The_Flock

    Blood in nostril

    Hi peeps. So I was bringing in my 16 week old chickens and I noticed that one of our columbian rocks has one nostril with what looks like dried blood in it. It's night time right now so I can't see in there. But I took some pics. I'm not sure what to do. 🤷‍♀️
  8. The_Flock

    Heat sensitive hen

    Hi peeps!! I have a question. Does anybody else have a heat sensitive hen? Lucy is a 1.5yr old Ameraucana and has always been healthy, except when she got heat exhaustion this past summer from the sudden heatwave in my area. Now when the temps go up quickly she pants and spreads her feathers...
  9. The_Flock

    Red feet and legs

    My 3 month cockerel(?) Quinn is a columbian rock. He's always been the one who rests more then the other chicks, but is still up and at 'em too. He sneezes but it's never really progressed to anything else. I treated the young flock when his sneezes first started. The weather has been very wet...
  10. The_Flock

    Hot chicks and rain

    Hi peeps. I have a question. I have 13 - 4 week old chicks. They seem to have most of their feathers now. They are outside in a mobile coop and it has been VERY hot. The only place I can put them to get out of the rain is the roosting area in the coop. That is 4'L×4'W×2'H. The problem is that...
  11. The_Flock

    Hen crowing and aggressive

    So...I heard my girl Ethel screeching and came to the coop to find that Ethel had been pecked all over her head. Nothing is open, just scrapes and swollen parts. I had to get her out from under a shade spot to see her because she was pretty afraid. Then when I caught her I saw her face. I...
  12. The_Flock

    When can chicks go outside?

    I have 13 - 1.5 week old chicks and they are growing well. They have wing feathers and wee tail feathers now. They are starting to get shoulder feathers. They look so cute. I was wondering if they would be able to go outside under the trampoline, on a non-windy day for short bursts? The temps...
  13. The_Flock

    HELP!! Sand new in brooder and chicks crops full!

    I just switched my 13 chicks (7 days old) from paper towel to sand. They'll be on sand when they go in the coop and they just kept eating the paper towel. Plus the PT stinks. I had put a bit of grit in with them because of them eating the PT. Anyhoo they have been eating the sand too and half...
  14. The_Flock

    Chicks Eating Paper Towel!!

    Hi Peeps. My chicks are 6 days old and have gotten very active. I have paper towel on the floor of their brooder. I'm planning on putting sand down when I change them to the bigger brooder in a couple of days. I'm wondering if it's ok for them to eat the paper towel. They have already eaten...
  15. The_Flock

    Chicken's Colour???

    Hi Peeps. I'm looking for some help identifying my hen Lucy's colour. She's just over a year, is an ameraucana and is beautiful. If you know her colouring or can point me in a direction then I'll be hugely thankful.
  16. The_Flock

    Best place to put brooder??

    Hi peeps. I'm getting 12 day old chicks today and wondered where to put them. I have 2 options. I can put them in the spare bedroom. But...I'm not using lighting, I'm letting the sun do it's job with open windows, and that bedroom is not very bright. The second option is in my office. This would...
  17. The_Flock

    Full crop from water??

    So...I put a pool in the girls run and they didn't want to get in it at all. BUT...they drank so much water. This happens every late spring when the weather goes between not-so-hot to stinkin hot in no time and I put a pool of fresh cold water out. They seem to try to cool off by drinking far...
  18. The_Flock

    HELP with fencing!!

    Hi Peeps. I'm fencing my entire 165'×45' chicken run in 7.5' high fencing. I'm going to have a 1.5' apron (or burying it straight down on sides where we line another property) from that 7.5', leaving 6' height for fence. I'm doing this because we have a resident fox family and I've lost a few...
  19. The_Flock

    Fox Stress??

    Hey peeps. I was wondering if I could get some clarification about my hen, Dottie's condition. About a month ago we had a fox come in and take our rooster and 3 hens. My heart sank. Dottie, a golden laced wyandotte and her sister Blanche (both 3 yrs old) were grabbed and lost a few feathers but...
  20. The_Flock

    Normal breathing??

    So it's been a very "all over the place" kinda late winter and early spring, weather wise. Freezing cold, then beautiful and warm, then raining profusely, then snowing profusely. We've also recently lost our rooster to a fox, so the girls have been spending more time inside than in previous...
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