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  1. California Ducken

    Help with my chicks! They can't walk!

    Hi, it's been a long time that went by. Now that chick is my last surviving hen now. The others I had all passed with in the last year. All from ovarian cancer. I know this because after they passed I took them to the University Davis Ca. and they did a necropsy on each one after they passed...
  2. California Ducken

    Can you kill a chicken by draining their fluid?

    Hello, my Old English Bantam had 140cc drained yesterday off her abdomen. Now I sit here windering how to drain her crop that has a huge amount of fluid in it. What size syringe should I use and any tips. She is starting to aspirate the fluid and she is exhausted
  3. California Ducken

    Raising Wood Ducks

    Hi! I put the woodies in with the tiniest of Mallards. I watch like a hawk for aggression. I grind up my duck starter into micro crumble and powder. And they love it that way (for me) and put regular crumble in a shallow reptile dish with water for them to sift around in. I get all of my birds (...
  4. California Ducken

    Raising Wood Ducks

    I have 2 Mallards in with 3 Wood Ducks.
  5. California Ducken

    Raising Wood Ducks

    Here is a baby Mallard.
  6. California Ducken

    Raising Wood Ducks

    Here is a baby Wood Duck
  7. California Ducken

    bantam cochin possibly egg bound.... HELP

    My black Bantam is having the same trouble but has heavy breathing. I have taken her to the vet and she is on antibiotics. my girl has been this way for 5 days now and is very lethargic. and has lost a bunch of weight. i dont know what to do other than what you have tried. Any other advise...
  8. California Ducken

    lethargic chicken

    Hi there, I know it's been a few years since your post ,but, what was the end result of you hen? I just found your thread, because I too am having this problem, but with my 3 year old Bantam hen. Thanks
  9. California Ducken

    CA Anyone???

    Quote: Hey I'm in North Fresno. River Park is a good place to have a meeting site. We have chickens. My mom wants to start keeping them too. So count us in!!! If you need to get a hold of me I'm at Milne Photography (559) 431-0681. I am also a part of Fresno Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.
  10. California Ducken

    3 Week Old Chick Help

    Use a heat lamp still. If they get to hot they will move away from it to a better spot. They will have the option to use it or not. That is pretty cold for outside temps. Until they are "completely" feathered out you should have one. As long as the stall is fully secure from top to bottom you...
  11. California Ducken

    I need help! Putting mother back with the flock with babies?

    That's great news! Thank you for keeping us posted.
  12. California Ducken

    New Egg here in So-Oklahoma!

    Welcome to BYC!!!! A Sunny Warm California Greetings to you!!!!! You will love it here!
  13. California Ducken

    Help!!! Agressive Roo...big Daddy...DREW BLOOD PIC. ON 3RD PAGE

    Hi there! I took my Roos to my vet to have their Spurs ground down.....before they were even spurs.(I hand raised them form day olds) It was a must because I have kids. They slooooowly grow back. But over a few years. My roos respected me, but my Black Roo "Stormy" every so often challenged me...
  14. California Ducken

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Hi there! I at the time had a duck who was raised with chickens, so she thinks she's part chicken and I'm from California Ducken........
  15. California Ducken

    chicks pecking other chicks

    Oh, I forgot to add....don't let the vicks vapor rub get into their eyes. They will possibly have vision damage if not go blind. Camphor is NOT good for eyes or mucus membranes. So if/when you use it, use it sparingly.
  16. California Ducken

    chicks pecking other chicks

    Once the chicks start picking....they will pick! They pick all red or bloody spots......Check threads on here with a search for cannibalism. That's why some people use red lights, until they heal up. Also, that's why the big company's debeak chicks. (Something I can't stand!) The chicks that are...
  17. California Ducken

    I need help! Putting mother back with the flock with babies?

    Sorry...I had to spit that out quick. They seem all fine and dandy, but it was hard for me to notice at first but they were getting pecked on the head every so often when I wasn't looking. I was wondering why they started getting skiddish. That lasted for 4 hours..... Soooo many other posts...
  18. California Ducken

    I need help! Putting mother back with the flock with babies?

    No..... The others will kill them!
  19. California Ducken

    Blood covered preditor in the backyard? Wth Happy Ending....PICS!

    Thank You for that great story! It was really a nice way to end the day!
  20. California Ducken

    Lethargic Chick--Any Advice?

    Sunny California Greetings!!! You need to get some electrolytes and vitamin mix in the water. Also, what temp. do you have the brooder at? I had to hand feed a few of mine with EXACT baby bird food for about 2 to 3 weeks until they started to thrive a little better. The boiled egg and wet...
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