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  1. Anamal25

    Dunlap Hatchery Birds

    Probably a little late to be responding to this since you posted it a while ago. I live in Nampa Idaho which is the town next to Caldwell where Dunlap's is located. I have purchased birds from them for the past three years. Their Australorps are awesome. I have raised their Easter Eggers...
  2. Anamal25

    Mysterious illness throughout flock

    I've been having some mystery deaths and would like to get my birds tested. What is the best way to do this? NPIP? Thanks.
  3. Anamal25

    Fox attacked my duck! PLEASE HELP!!!

    What did you end up doing with those guilty dogs?
  4. Anamal25

    Someone mentioned buying some Welsummers from you, do you still raise/sell them?

    Someone mentioned buying some Welsummers from you, do you still raise/sell them?
  5. Anamal25

    best BYC Welsummer breeder for hatching eggs?

    Do you still have Welsummers? I was looking for hatching eggs in March?
  6. Anamal25

    The Welsummer Thread!!!!

    Has anyone bought Welly eggs/chicks from Chicken Scratch Poultry?
  7. Anamal25

    Chicken SCratch poultry?

    Has anyone purchased Welsummers from this breeder?
  8. Anamal25

    All Natural Herbal Remedies and Recipes for Chickens

    It had never occurred to me that the herbs I use to help me feel better when I feel stuffy could also help my girls feel better when they're stuffy :) Very useful stuff!
  9. Anamal25

    Sex link duckling from Cayuga drake over buff hen?

    I was hoping to get some sex link ducklings from my Cayuga drake and some buff hens. Has anyone done this or something similar before? I read some second hand info that quoted Stories Guide for ducks as saying that crossing a light colored duck to a dark color would produce sex link offspring...
  10. Anamal25

    What does your duck house look like?

    I love the setups! So far my ducks just free range and put themselves away at night. I will have to get some pics when the snow lets up...
  11. Anamal25

    Iowa Blues

    I'm excited to see what you guys do with this breed, I will keep following this thread for sure. I may switch to IB from Welsummers at some point.
  12. Anamal25

    Chicken SCratch poultry?

    This feedback has been very helpful. I was wondering if the chicks and eggs they sold were worth the asking price. So far the answer has been no as far as I can read. Yeah for BYC!
  13. Anamal25

    Review by '' on item 'Welsummer'

    Of ten hens I get about 4-5 eggs per day from 1st year hens. My rooster is not aggressive and is polite to the ladies. The eggs are not much darker than my other hens, some have fun speckling. When this bunch gets older I will replace them with Welsummer stock from a breeder or another...
  14. Anamal25

    Review by '' on item 'Cayuga'

    I got mine from Dunlaps hatchery. They are good foragers, and decent layers. A hen from last year went broody and hatched three chicks. I now have a Cayuga drake over a khaki campbell, and two buff hens for sex linked ducklings. The ducklets are have charcoal down and the draklets have brown...
  15. Anamal25

    Review by '' on item 'Royal Palm'

    I raised a group of 8. They were all flighty and could get over a 5 ft fence even with clipped wings. After processing a couple of toms I sold the rest as breeders due to poor carcass quality. If you are looking for an excellent meat bird I recommend looking elsewhere. The toms I had...
  16. Anamal25

    Comment by 'Anamal25' in item 'Welsummer'

    Where did you get your Welsummers from?
  17. Anamal25

    Comment by 'Anamal25' in item 'Ancona'

    Where did you get your Anconas from?
  18. Anamal25

    The Welsummer Thread!!!!

    It might take a bit to get decent pics as the weather outside is, frightful... I will try to get some decent pics once they have gone in for the night. I am located just outside of Boise Idaho. The birds look nice for hatchery stock but the egg color is pretty light compared to the two...
  19. Anamal25

    The Welsummer Thread!!!!

    Where did you get your birds from? I am looking for a good Welsummer breeder. I bought 18 birds from Cackle Hatchery this spring, and non of them are any good. In spite of being handled every day they are still very flighty and of 10 hens I get around 4-5 eggs per day.
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