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  1. dennin7418

    Loud Broody Fighting Ducks

    I have 17 ducks all different kinds, 4 drakes in the flock and they are getting on my last nerves. They are up at the crack of dawn quacking their heads off for no reason, the broody crested runs around like an insane women and attacks all the other ducks which then nearly creates an all out...
  2. dennin7418

    Swede Duck has gone Cuckoo!

    What is wrong with her. She acts like she had a brain injury....or am I just missing something? See video.
  3. dennin7418

    Fighting Drakes...Questions

    Hi All, My Indian Runner male is completely obsessed with attacking my Blue Swede drake to the point where all he does is v-line straight to him to fight. I expected some fighting but it seems a little over the top.... I have them separated in their pen and at night but I want to let them...
  4. dennin7418

    Goose brooder time

    Hello All, I'd like to add some geese to my flock of 9 ducks (may be more in the spring) but have some basic questions... 1. I'm going to get as day or two old long must they stay in the brooder? 2. Are they as messy as ducks and do they require water for swimming? 3. I'd like...
  5. dennin7418

    Mandarin/Wood Duck Aviary Requirements

    I'm considering getting a pair of wood ducks or mandarin ducks or both. I'd want to build the aviary prior to their arrival but am looking for information on what size they would need. I have plenty of space but knowing what they need vs what they would want are different things in terms of...
  6. dennin7418

    Ducks with fleas

    My ducks seem to have a flea problem...they are all over their bedding. Is this common and just comes with the territory or is there a way to treat for this? Thanks!
  7. dennin7418

    Welsh Harlequin

    So I have 3 Welshs, 2 ducks, 1 drake and the drake doesn't have any coloring at all. he is about 6 weeks old but is pretty much all fawn colored.....I also feel like he sits up more like a runner.....I don't have a picture yet but do they generally get their coloring later. I feel like at 6...
  8. dennin7418

    Predators During Day

    Hi All, I'm almost done with my duck house/run. These guys have to get out of the basement ASAP. Question is I am making a daytime run for them to stay in while I'm at work. Over time this week expand into something more elaborate but for now this is ok. Do I need to put cover over the top...
  9. dennin7418

    Do ducks need windows

    Does the duck house need windows? they'd be locked in from about 9PM to 7PM....just wondering if they need windows to see outside or not? (windows does not mean ventilation...thats separate). Thanks!
  10. dennin7418

    Food & Water Placement

    Where do you all keep food and water for outdoor ducks. Do you keep it supplied inside the duck house or do you keep it outside? Or both? What about squirrels...won't they eat all the food like its bird seed?
  11. dennin7418

    Outside Duck Space

    So i got the duck house built and am laying out the fencing. I'm hoping to pretty much build it big enough that they will be safe all the time. I'm sure on weekends I'll let them out so long as I am home to monitor. Question is...what type of land is best? I'm assuming grass, but I dont...
  12. dennin7418

    Cameras for Ducks

    Some of you take amazing pictures of your ducklings and ducks. What kind of cameras do you use and are you more than amateur photographers? They are so fast I'm having trouble getting quality pictures. My ducklings don't just sit in my hand for a photo op like some of yours...
  13. dennin7418

    Duck Coup Fencing

    Hi All, duckling arrived from Meyer Hatchery in great condition. 3 Cayugas, 3 Welsh Harlequins, 2 Fawn Runner, and 2 Blue Swedish....quite an eclectic group! I have a Duck House...I'm calling a Duck Palace since I've spent 30 hours and 400 dollars on it....but I have yet to figure out how I am...
  14. dennin7418

    Meyer Hatchery ship times

    Hello All, first post here. I have been doing a lot of research on ducks and feel very prepared for their arrival. I'm wanting to take off work the day they arrive to make sure they get settled into the brooder but the 3 day window Meyer gives is a little inconvenient. Does anyone have any...
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