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  1. georgia531

    Impacted Crop... PLEASE HELP

    Hello... i have a 1 yr old beautiful EE rooster... yesterday i picked him up and was horrified to feel his breast bone, he is literally starved... his crop is hard and i massaged it and i can feel grass or straw or something in there.. i read this forum for hours yesterday and could only come up...
  2. georgia531

    Young serama roosters, very good quality. - PA

    Hi I have 3-4 serama roosters i need to find homes for asap... with the weather getting colder i need to consolidate, and have too many roosters. these are really nice, come from quality stock. not sure of class but they are pretty small. pm me to make sure i get your message. PA border...
  3. georgia531

    Partridge Silkie Chicks (3)

    3 aprox. 3 week old silkie chicks.. 2 are lighter color, 1 dark. $10 all 3. local pickup only. PA/OH border about 60 miles from PGH.
  4. georgia531

    Bantam Cochin Frizzle Gene Roosters PA/OH

    i raised some beautiful bantam cochins this spring, ended up with 9 roosters and 6 hens. 4 out of the 9 are frizzle. i have 2 reddish roosters i would love to give someone for their flock. Pick up only PA/OH line. about 60 miles from PGH.
  5. georgia531

    Purebred Good Quality Silkies

    I have 12.....3 week old and about the same 1 week old silkies... parents are very good quality... pen has 3 whites, 2 partridge,1 black, 1 blue and 1 buff... chicks are mostly partridge, several black, couple are blue. .. partridge shades are from very light to dark.. $5 each... (12 for $50)...
  6. georgia531

    Barred Rock Pullets

    Hi.. I ordered too many chicks, and would like to sell some to help with cost of feeding them.. these are sexed and vaccinated Plymouth Barred Rocks (hens)..... bought some last year and they are beautiful healthy chickens, very friendly. lay large brown delicious eggs. Local pick-up only...
  7. georgia531

    Best way to hatch silkies. Please help.

    Hi... i am on my 3rd try hatching silkies this year. I have very low hatch rates. i have no problem hatching other chickens, it just seems that with silkies, i cant get it right. Ive been told 65% humidity, 70%, and even get it as high as I can.. Im not sure what the problem is, I had...
  8. georgia531

    Silkie rooster with tail feathers. Cross?

    Hello, sorry for a possibly stupid and redundant question but I have been searching for an hour. I was given 3 silkie roosters yesterday, had been looking for a white rooster for a long time.. i was so excited I got them home and noticed they have single combs. Ok i researched that, and...
  9. georgia531

    Guinea Keets

    I have 3 batches of guinea keets for sale. 1. 9... 5 week olds includes 2 royal purples and 1 coral blue, the rest pearl ... 50.00 2. 11....3 week olds includes 2 buff donette, 1 royal purple and 1 lavender, the rest pearl ...50.00 3. 10...1 week olds includes 1 very light buff...
  10. georgia531

    Serama Cross Roosters

    I have 5 8 week old serama cross roosters... pictured is the father and one of the mothers.. hen is I believe an OEG but i was told this by someone on here when i posted her picture.. she is the tiniest hen i ever saw. the other hen is also OEG red pyle, and is also very small. 2 of the...
  11. georgia531

    Whole Flock of Guineas all ages.

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, i have to sell all my guineas. i was building quite a beautiful flock. Here is what i have: 11- 3 day old keets... includes 1 very light buff, the rest are pearl (some could be pied) 11 - 2 1/2 week old keets........includes 2 buff donette, 1...
  12. georgia531

    silver sebright roo and golden sebright hen offspring.

    i have 2 young silver sebrights, hen and roo... they are about 3 or 4 months old... the father was a silver sebright, and the mother was a golden sebright... the hen is silver and white and so is the roo, but he has some gold shading in his feathers, not much... if they have offspring, will...
  13. georgia531

    what is the best food for brand new baby seramas?

    I am confused. I am not sure what to feed day old seramas? chick start? medicated? turkey starter medicated? i have both. turkey is medicated with amprolium and is 24% protein.. the chick start is bottom of bag and would rather not use it.. can buy fresh tomorrow. i want them to have the...
  14. georgia531

    Guinea keets

    I have 10 guinea keets available for sale at $6.00 each... pick up only 16115 hatched 7/27
  15. georgia531

    25 eggs..4 pips.. will they drown in the water?

    HI.. trying again to hatch some guineas... today day 26, i have 3 sponges and water pits are full... now i am scared that the babies will stick their beak through the wire and drown in all the water.. i still cant get up to 85% but i am hoping my hygrometers are wrong.. the probe one says 68%...
  16. georgia531

    feeding guineas 24%... can growing chickens eat it too?

    Hello.. sorry if this has been covered alot.. i have 8- 7week old guineas..I am feeding them Dumor 24% crumbles... i also have 12-13 week old barred rocks and white leghorns... is this high protein food ok to feed them? I also have medicated chick start.. which would be better to feed the...
  17. georgia531

    do 6 week old guineas still need a lamp? high 60's

    Me again... my 6 week old guineas are outside in a large off the ground brooder/pen with a large wooden box type thing on one end and the rest mesh wire.. the have a perch going across the run part where they sleep at night.. it is in the 80's during the day and nights are high 60' or low...
  18. georgia531

    what do i feed 3 wk old seabrights to make them thrive?

    Hello and happy weekend everybody... i have 2 3 week old seabrights.. lost the parents to a predator so i do not want to loose these guys.. have read alot of horror stories on here about seabrights dying easily.. was wondering, what can i give them for optimum health? so far i am feeding...
  19. georgia531

    new guineas 6:1 ratio fertility question

    Hi everybody, I got a chance to buy some guineas and brought them home today.. they are magnificent!! We bought 7.. before we got home, we had 3 eggs laid in the cage we transported in... later in evening 2 more eggs, and lastly an egg with no shell... this is really strange as it seemed we...
  20. georgia531

    guineas and cocci? is corid safe?

    Hello... i have lost 3 4week old guineas in the last 10 days. their symptoms are all the same.. the first indication is a ruffled, cold look about them.. moving slower than the rest... when picked up they are bony and emaciated. .. the problem seemed to start when I put hay in their brooder.. (...
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