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  1. RedBanks

    International Black Copper Marans Thread - Breeding to the SOP

    This thread is dedicated to Black Copper Marans worldwide. All are welcome..... those with their very first BCMs .... the experienced breeders and everyone in between. We can share our experiences, knowledge and love of the breed.
  2. RedBanks

    Fox eating my hens

    A fox eats lunch here every day. He likes Ameraucana and Cream Legbar hens. He doesn't like the big hens. How can I get rid of him? I have been told a box trap won't work. Someone told me leg traps but they are just based on luck if he happens to walk where we have a trap. Please any...
  3. RedBanks

    Sick Pullet

    I have a pullet about 6 months old that is sick today. She doesn't want to move. She is standing though and not sitting. She has a very poopy butt. She seems to be breathing heavy. She does not have her feathers ruffled nor does she close her eyes like a sick bird. She seems alert. I...
  4. RedBanks

    Pain Medication

    Is there something I can give my young cockerel for pain?
  5. RedBanks

    BCM Pullet or Cockerel?

    I have a younger BCM that I am fairly certain is a roo, it has larger wattles and no tail yet. I can't make up my mind about this one. What do y'all think?
  6. RedBanks

    What breed.... please!

    Hello Everyone? Can you help me? What breed is my little chicken? She is quirky and sweet. I bought her with FBCM and black Ameraucana chicks. Week old chicks.
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