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  1. MROO

    Is This Fowl Pox?

    This is Avatar - a 14 month old Nankin bantam rooster. He is currently part of our "Bachelor Flock" - a group of 8 males ranging in age from 6 months to three years. They get along very well, but DD noticed that they've been "fighting" lately, because most have what looked to her like dried...
  2. MROO

    Shipped Chick - Is this a leg issue or something more sinister?

    I just received my order of 6 EE bantam day-olds from a major hatchery. The PO had them a day too long and the heat definitely got to them. We lost one in-transit. Two have bloody nares ... one significantly. The one with the worst nare has badly stretched legs, as well. They push straight out...
  3. MROO

    HELP - Badly crushed egg, but chick is alive

    I have a Nankin bantam egg that was badly damaged while I was changing food and water for our broody. Mama was sweet and snuggly buff bantam cochin until her first chick hatched. Now Gem is GemZilla. I was not expecting a violent attack, but she jumped at me, landing hard on her nest. One egg...
  4. MROO

    INSTANT Starter Flock - Egg Production - Maryland

    BARGAIN PRICED! Six Asian Black pullets - three months old seek employment in the Egg Production Business. These beautiful young ladies were originally purchased as tiny chicks as a 4H Egg-to-Eggs production project. Covid sidelined the Fair season, so we find ourselves with at least six...
  5. MROO

    ISO Bantam Easter Eggers - NE Maryland Area - Buy or Trade

    I'm looking for a few bantam Easter Eggers. Pullets would be great, but so would SR chicks or fertile eggs. I'm in the far north-eastern corner of MD, but can travel a bit. If someone is interested in a trade, I have a few Nankin Bantam chicks available and six started Asian pullets.
  6. MROO

    Started Pullets - Maryland/Delaware/Pennsylvania Corner

    Cecil County, Maryland - Started Pullets! I have six Asian Black pullets for sale - about 6 weeks old. We planned on using them for a 4H project, but it doesn't look like our Fair's gonna happen, this summer, so ... if anyone is looking for a ready-made flock, here's your chance. If you'd like...
  7. MROO

    ISO Bantam Easter Eggers

    Does anyone in or near Maryland have bantam Easter Egger chicks available? Straight run is fine, pullets are even better, but I won't hold my breath. I'm not in a major hurry; I just want to add some color to my bantam egg basket.
  8. MROO


    Do you, or someone you know, have a sweet-natured black Silkie lady looking to spend the rest of her life living in the lap of luxury? Due to the recent demise of Herman the House Rooster (RIP sweet Herman,) The Melancholy Rooster (@MROO) has an immediate opening for a SILKIE LAP CHICKEN. The...
  9. MROO

    Sad, Sad, Sad ... RIP Herman the House Rooster

    I am SO sad, right now. We just lost Herman the House Rooster! It looks like this crazy, wet, up-and-down-temp Winter has finally caught up with us, here in Maryland. Despite the elevation of his run, every time it deluged, here (and it deluged a LOT this winter,) Herman's run would muck up...
  10. MROO

    ISO Bantam Easter Egger fertile hatching eggs

    I'd like to add some color to my egg basket, but I have really tiny bantams (Nankins,) so I need other small bantams. Does anyone have or know where I can get Bantam Easter Egger hatching eggs? I'm not in a major hurry, so I can wait until warmer weather for shipping, but if I can find them...
  11. MROO

    Critically Endangered Nankin Bantams - RARE & HTF

    Add Some Endangered History to Your Flock! Rose Comb Nankins: I currently have four RC Nankin Bantam roosters in need of their own harems. They are one and two years old, well past the young hormonal craziness! Two have been used in classroom Breed Conservation talks and will walk on a leash...
  12. MROO

    Overheated Cockerel! Advice, please?

    Hello All, I'm just past the emergency part of an overheated 3-month old Nankin Bantam cockerel in serious heat distress and could use some advice about getting him back outside. We've got pre-Fair testing this weekend, so I've got some of our youngsters kenneled on the front porch for easy...
  13. MROO

    Porcelain d-Uccles Young Breeding Pair - Maryland - 4H

    Hello All, I have a great 4H project for some chicken-minded youngster. Fella and FeatherFoot are porcelain d'uccles, hatched around Easter of 2018, so they're barely a year old. They are hand-raised, friendly and both took ribbons at the Cecil County Fair, last year. They're super-sweet...
  14. MROO

    Kindergarten Dropouts need ID's!

    Hello All, Our local kindergarteners hatch chicks every Spring. They usually find a good home with one of the teachers or a brave parent, and this year was no exception - except that, once the shavings settled, there were two littles left behind. The children all know that I have chickens, so...
  15. MROO

    Rescued Duck Eggs - Not a clue what I'm doing!

    Hello all. Well, it looks like DD just may get her duck wish. My sister (an agricultural school bio teacher) received a batch of ring necked pheasant eggs to hatch for a school project. The gal delivering them "threw in" a pair of duck eggs she picked up on the way to the car. Sis had no room...
  16. MROO

    ISO Old-Style Brinsea EcoBrooder Cord

    I have the small EcoBrooder - the old style with the solid black sides, not the new ones with the fancy posts. Unfortunately, my daughter's dog has developed a plastic-coated wire fetish. We've lost several pairs of ear-buds, numerous little cell-phone fittings ... and the bottom half of my...
  17. MROO

    Battery Hen Rescue - A "Must Watch!"

    Oh My Goodness! Between the visual of these three ladies discovering the world for the first time and the music ... I nearly needed a tissue! Then there was the follow up, six months later ... The author of the videos shared this note: Please feel free to share and embed this video for...
  18. MROO

    How Cold is Too Cold?

    I've got a bad case of Hatching Fever, but my hens and pullets lay at different times of the day, and no one is home most of the day to do an egg-check. They are outside in an unheated playhouse conversion coop. How long does it take for the cold to kill an embryo?
  19. MROO

    How do I find which Review I missed?

    Hi All, This is a dumb, OCD question, but there's a digit bothering me - one stray, lonely, elusive, ANNOYING number! It's a "1" above the "Reviews" section. I generally try to keep up with these, if only to keep my tool bar clear, but somewhere along the line, I missed one. With too much time...
  20. MROO

    A Different Sort of Chicken Alarm Clock

    I grew up in a very busy, animal filled, household. We had a little Nankin rooster named Purdue. He was the most social little chicken I've ever had the pleasure to meet; he simply loved people. As we all grew into our teens, we, too, became more social ... and our "return to the roost" times...
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