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  1. Shadrach

    Solved Followers.

    From time to time an alert shows up saying someone is following me. How can I find who is following me in my profile?
  2. Shadrach

    Article Rating.

    I've just read this article by Perris. When I got to the end I wanted to rate the article but couldn't find the Rate Article button. I found it eventually at the top of the page. I assume the button...
  3. Shadrach

    Picture Display Issue.

    There are 19 different pictures in this post. When I scroll through them some pictures repeat and sometimes the last 5 pictures don't display.
  4. Shadrach

    Muscovy ducks bathing after duck house is cleaned.

    Just wondering if anyone else has seen this behaviour. There is a very large concrete basin full of water close to the duck houses. The design of the ducks houses means the ducks sleep on the floor; not ideal I know. I try to clean them out twice a week. Each time I clean the ducks houses and...
  5. Shadrach

    Solved Proposed, Annual Outstanding BYC Member Award (AOBMA)

    Annual Outstanding BYC Member Award. It seems BYC loves it’s badges and awards. One of the great things about BYC is the data available by which, if one wanted, one could assess the contributions made by individual members. There are rounds of applause and merit given to maximum post counts...
  6. Shadrach

    Net Guns.

    The next National Park North of where I live use net guns to catch injured birds. Someone else I know on the next mountain uses a net gun for their flock of semi feral chickens. Has anyone had any experience using these and what were their impressions?
  7. Shadrach

    Do we really understand a hens egg laying cycle?

    Ask what determines a hens egg laying cycle on most forums and you will most likely be told that it is governed by light levels. What exactly does this mean? Some will state it’s a matter of the length of light hours. Some suggest it’s the intensity of the light. Some suggest that it’s a change...
  8. Shadrach

    Time for the BYC staff to learn Hindi and Urdu.
  9. Shadrach

    How many chickens would you need to keep to supply all the meat and eggs your family eats?

    I read a lot of posts where people say they keep chickens so they can supply meat and eggs for their families. Take a family of four. I’m going to take an arbitrary minimum of one chicken per person per week as the point where one can still call oneself a regular eater of meat. This if managed...
  10. Shadrach

    Do you have any pictures or stories of chickens fence fighting?

    One of the strangest and unexplained chicken behaviours is fence fighting. I'm interested in other peoples experiences of this behaviour.
  11. Shadrach

    Would you eat a chicken that died through sickness, or injury?

    Some of the chickens I look after are growing old. I recently had a hen die at about 11 years old and I have a few in the 7 to 10 years old range. My policy here has been to provide a home for the elderly whether they still lay eggs, or not, until they either die of old age, or contract medical...
  12. Shadrach

    Pasty Butt.

    I checked these three chicks over late evening yesterday; mouths, bums and coordination. They had clean bums, were eating drinking and active. This morning this poor chick was dead. So in less than 12 hours enough poop had gathered and set to prevent tthe chick pooping and poison it. This seems...
  13. Shadrach

    Nuerological or something else?

    This is Bracket. She's a bantam hen just over a year old. Four nights ago she didn't return to her coop. I thought it likely she had a nest and was sitting. It took me two night to find her and her nest. When I found her she was sitting roughly in the position you can see in the photograph. I...
  14. Shadrach

    Ghan Asil Game Fowl Advice/Experience

    I've been offered a male and female pair of Ghan Reza Asil game fowl. Essentially these are the descendants of fighting stock. An old man on the next mountain used to breed game fowl and recently died. His son contacted me and asked if I would be interested in taking a pair. The property is to...
  15. Shadrach

    Scaly Leg Mite; a hereditary problem?

    Apart from the occasional rescue, I keep a closed flock. I started off with two breeds, Marans and Old English Game Bantams. I now have 4 separate groups, the members of each group are related to one another. Any cross breeding between the groups finished about eight years ago. I’m five...
  16. Shadrach

    One person tube feeding.

    I wondered if anyone has any tips for tube feeding when you only have one pair of hands.:D I have a very uncooperative semi feral old lady (9 or 10 years old) who is not used to being handled. She has some stones in her crop that are not moving down to her gizzard. This seems to have put her off...
  17. Shadrach

    Solved Article Filters.

    The article filters seems to be broken. I searched in the members section for most reviewed articles and the order seems to be totally random. Also, the post notifications in the alert system aren't working properly. The last post in a thread is shown incorrectly. The points system isn't updating.
  18. Shadrach

    Cooperative Behavior?

    I’ve been watching something here that I have never seen before. A pullet called Knock who belongs to a group I call Tribe 3, decided that the nest box in my house is where she wanted to lay her eggs. How she knew the nest box was there and why she chose it in preference to the nest boxes her...
  19. Shadrach

    Men and chickens.

    The members of BYC are predominantly female. Why is this? Where I live out of the 18 people I know who keep chickens 17 are men. I would like to see a better balance. What could be done to attract more men to BYC?
  20. Shadrach

    Case Feedback.

    Feedback is essential for evaluating the advice given on BYC. The various cases get posted, a number of people give advice and more often than not we don’t get to hear the end result. How can we evaluate the response we give to various given symptoms and learn if we get it wrong if we don’t...
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