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  1. smokeykk

    How many doubles???

    There are threads about single yolkers how many you have gotten per day. How about how many double yolkers you have ever gotten? I have gotten 2, each from a different chicken.
  2. smokeykk

    Sickening. :(

    Don't know if ya'll have seen this... Link removed by Staff
  3. smokeykk

    Is this chicken old enough to be laying?

    What do you think?
  4. smokeykk

    My Eggggieeessss!!!

    I got my first egggg!!!! Well technically it was laid on Tuesday afternoon, but i hadn't had a chance to get on here! So, my chickens laid an egg on tuesday, then thursday and we also got one today! So, that's pretty good right? Whoever laid it only skipped one dayy! I'm so eggcited! So here...
  5. smokeykk

    No eggs YET!!!

    My chicken Chrissy is at least 20 weeks old by now and still no eggs. She clucks alot and has a big red comb and wattles and she also is squatting but still no eggs. Is something seeming wrong here to anyone. She has been squatting for at least 2 weeks now....
  6. smokeykk

    Who's gonna lay in what order? *pictures*

    Everyone has these and I want to make one too! So here are my girls, but first a little bit of background... Name- Breed ----------------- Chrissy- New Hampshire Georgia- Production Red Moe- White Silkie Sunshine- Buff Orpington Rusty- New Hampshire Flash- Black Polish Gracie- Black Polish...
  7. smokeykk


    We keep straw in our run so that the chickens don't tear the ground up too much, but last night we had an awful rain had to have been an inch or more. So this is the first time it's rained this bad since we had them in the coop! Its all muddy now, so I took the old straw out and left there be...
  8. smokeykk

    I can't believe i haven't asked this question yet!

    What colored eggs do silkies, buff Orps and polish lay?
  9. smokeykk

    Polish more aggresive?

    Well, I got my 4 new chooks from a farm, and 2 of them would run around and free range, and 2 were inside, because they were smaller. The ones inside are my 2 black polish. The ones outside were a BO and a NH. They are all girls. But I can pick up all the chickens, (the chooks from the farm are...
  10. smokeykk

    My crazy chooks!

    Well i suppose that one of my girls could be doing an egg squat but i don't know what that would look like. She's a New Hampshire, and I read that they are supposed to lay sooner than other breeds? Her comb and wattles have started growing again I can tell you that, she has these gigantic...
  11. smokeykk

    UGh!!!! Chicken Vomit?

    So, last night i go out to the coop to lock up for the night. I find 4 of my 7 girls on the roost, one by the door to the run (that's normal, she's always there) and one is on top of their waterer, and the other is in the window! So, I got the one off the window and picked her up to put her on...
  12. smokeykk

    SO.... when should these kinds of chicken start laying?

    I have 5 different breeds, and all of them are from 2 1/2 months to 3 1/2 months old. My question is when will.. New Hampshires Polish Silkies Production Red and Buff Orps start laying? Any and all help is appreciated!
  13. smokeykk

    New Chooks!

    I will take pictures later, but here's my story. So we started out with 6 chicks. They grew up together and got along just fine. But 3 of them turned out to be roosters. So I had one NH, 3 Production Red and 2 silkies, 2 of the Reds were roosters and one of the silkies was too. So last night we...
  14. smokeykk

    Disney channel shows????

    What do you think of them?? Nobody??? Hmm.... ok then, just trying to see what others thought of them...
  15. smokeykk

    Get The Ticks Out Of Here!!!!!!

    I have a biggg problem. One of my chicks has been getting ticks on his face, and it's really a pain holding him still (he's really skittish) and another one of my cockerels has on right on his bottom eyelid, and it looks like he's been trying to get it out. Its all swollen around his eye. Does...
  16. smokeykk

    My poor chrissy

    Definite roo that I have, (well, cockerel) the pullet is 9 weeks old (Chrissy) and the cockerel is 8 weeks old (Eggbert). Tonight he was running/chasing Chrissy and grabbing the back of her neck. She was running around trying to get away. This cockerel has to go!!! It started out he was just...
  17. smokeykk

    Feathers in the coop?

    I am finding feathers around daily. There is no blood anywhere, just feathers in random places. I went out in the run this morning and i saw 1 NH red feather and 4 silkie feathers. I constantly find my NH's feathers out there. What can I do to stop the feather pulling?
  18. smokeykk

    OK, these 2 better be pullets

    These 2 feathered the fastest, and they make are the most friendly, are they pullets? Chrissy- NH 9 weeks old Georgia- PR 8 weeks old
  19. smokeykk

    Shiny hackle feathers means....

    cock, right?
  20. smokeykk

    Ok, Looking for a new home!

    Please post items for sale or giveaway in auction format in the appropriate BSA section. Thanks!
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