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  1. MrFluffyandGirls

    Chicken & Dumplings! Show us your dumplings!

    I noticed on another thread when we got off course and started talking about dumplings...there are different ways people like or make them. Well that got me craving some so I made some today. I thought it would be neat for people to share their dumpling recipes and pictures. Well Here goes mine...
  2. MrFluffyandGirls

    Spam coming in my mailbox from comments on articles. :/ Anyone else? Very annoying.

    I copied and pasted....It was a comment I on chicken Coops from recycled materials and when I clicked on the link thinking it was a picture of some, it was some vaping bull mess. BackYard Chickens - Learn How to Raise Chickens ajkss commented on an article you are watching at BackYard...
  3. MrFluffyandGirls

    People who Partake in Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

    I was reading up about using food grade diatomaceous earth for chickens and saw that people actually ingest it also for health benefits. There were a wide range of opinions on adding it to chicken feed or liberally applying it to chickens and in there coops/nests so I'm not sold on it just yet...
  4. MrFluffyandGirls

    Laying box Ideas for the coop. How innovative are yours? Check out my Junkyard find turn laying box.

    I thought it would be fun and helpful to see what others have made chicken laying boxes out of. I found a old cedar chest at the dump when taking my trash so I though I could convert it into a outdoor winter cat house. I installed a cat door at one end but the cat would have nothing to do with...
  5. MrFluffyandGirls

    First time with White leghorns. (Also 2 Isa Browns) Any tips or advise welcome.

    I usually stick with the "Rocks", a few hybrids and my precious silkies but hubby asked if we could have white eggs like the grocery store so I picked up 5 White Leghorn chicks. Defiantly flighty little peeps and I notice them chasing each other around more than my other breeds did. I already...
  6. MrFluffyandGirls

    I saw on the news that chick sales were high and you can even rent chickens!

    I had no idea people rented chickens!:lau OH my, I can't imagine renting a chicken when you can buy one just as cheap. 🤷‍♀️ I saw it on the news tonight when they ran a clip about chick sales being higher than ever. I'm also wondering if this pandemic impulse buying is also going to lead to...
  7. MrFluffyandGirls

    Introducing new Cane Corso puppy, Retta!

    So darn cute I had to share! I'm in the process of imprinting her with the chickens and so far so good but we have a looooooong way to go before I'll even think of trusting her with my precious feathered friends. She's defiantly full of spunk and gives the old dog a headache!:smack
  8. MrFluffyandGirls

    New puppy love: Beware of bringing home those cute deceiving predators!

    Domestic Dogs are so deceiving! Don't let those puppy eyes fool you, especially when they look so sad and sorry for killing your chickens. It's a ploy until they have a chance to do it again! I just had to re-home my newest beautiful cream sable German shepherd puppy because his prey drive was...
  9. MrFluffyandGirls

    New additions = Awe factor overload!

    Just sharing some cuties
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