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  1. DotandDave

    Botulism in domestic chicken

    Hi I have a hen who is about 3yo. She took ill last weekend. Vet put her on antibiotics. Diagn botulism. She's paralysed from wings down. I got it in time. She's in isolation. I don't work and spend all day rehabilitating her. I love nursing her. I've been nursing her for a week. She's no...
  2. DotandDave

    Angel wing or not please?

    Hi my baby goose is about 3mo I think. Only just got her wing feathers about 2wks ago. She's constantly dropping and adjusting both wings. I tried to video but it won't attach here. Both wings are always dropping, stay in place only for a few secs. They def don't stick out. Does this look like...
  3. DotandDave

    2mo gander angel wing

    Hi I picked up an approx 2mo gander yesterday. He has one wing (right side) angel wing. He's a brown Chinese goose. The tips stick out. It doesn't affect him. He stretches it well. Otherwise he's healthy, poops are good, drinking fine. Not really eating yet - it's only been 20hrs since he...
  4. DotandDave

    First time with rooster

    Hi I have a 6mo rooster. Just started getting frisky. Had him since he was a baby. Hes housed at night with 2 girls his age. He roams during the day with my older girls as well. He prefers trying to get lucky with my older girls. The older girls are higher in the pecking order and usually...
  5. DotandDave

    Buttercup comb hen

    Hi I rescued a hen this week. I'm in Australia. She's about 2yo. Prev owner said she's an Isa. But she has a definite buttercup comb. Thought maybe she's an Isa cross with something. I know Sicilian Buttercups are rare. Are there any other breeds with buttercups please? Please excuse her...
  6. DotandDave

    Sex and breed please

    Hi sex and breed pls - I know this baby is khaki crossed with something. About 8wks old. Pics of mum, dad and baby from breeder.
  7. DotandDave

    Quiet duckling

    Hi I have a khaki Campbell (not purebred, unsure sex at this stage) duckling, about 8 days old now. I'll say girl for now. Bought her 4 days ago. I was aware that 2 of its siblings died at 2 days old. We bought 2, called them Mork & Mindy. Mork passed away the night we brought him home. So 3...
  8. DotandDave

    Underweight parrakeet/budgie

    Hi I have a newly adopted rescue budgie. Overbite and underweight. It was in the pet shop and I just had to get it out of there, poor wee soul. Avian vet yesterday trimmed his long beak. No mites. Going back for blood tests next week so see if cause for beak deformity. Vet said he’ll...
  9. DotandDave


    Hi everyone. I have an ex batt girl called Lavender. Had her nearly a year now. Age unknown but she’s never laid for me (which is fine, she’s my pet). Lady I got her from is well experienced in mass rescues and provides vet care to all her hens. She wouldn’t give me a sick girl and...
  10. DotandDave

    Chicken one eye closed and honking

    My poor chooky hen Lola is sick. Ive had her since she was 1 day old and never sick til now. She’s 7mo now. Started yesterday with her left eye closed. No weeping or pus. I could get it open and it looked okay but closed shut again. Eating fine, energy is fine, talking, still laying fine. No...
  11. DotandDave

    Hen’s strange eyes

    Hi I’ve just adopted an ex battery hen from a rescue group. My girl (called Lavender) is in good health now, thanks to the rescue lady. Lavender talks all the time, eats well, and has settled in well with the rest of my flock. My question is about the pupils in her eyes. They look strange -...
  12. DotandDave

    Injured muscovy

    Hi I’ve got a 10wk old drake who was attacked by my dog last Sat. He’s doing okay, been on antibiotics until yesterday. Big chunk taken out of the muscles betw his wing and leg in left side. So his the bottom part of his wing is dangling and he can only just stand on his leg. His wound is...
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