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  1. Chookchicken

    We have a “new member” to our flock.

    We have a young sparrow that has randomly decided that it is part of our flock. It doesn’t fly away, or do anything to get away when we go outside. It is very healthy, and I’ve even seen my chickens give it some food. It’s very odd I must admit. But a nice little surprise ahead of our 5-day...
  2. Chookchicken

    How do I stop this?

    How do I stop chickens from pecking each other’s combs and causing scabs and bleeding? One of my chickens that just got of being broody, and has black spots on her comb (scabs), I know it isn’t pox’s because she sometimes scratch’s some off. She isn’t sick and doesn’t try to run from the others...
  3. Chookchicken

    It’s almost time.......

    It’s almost time to say goodbye. Im going to start this story of at the beginning...... Almost three months ago we hatched two beautiful polish chicks Wednesday and April. Wednesday is and was a healthy chick, April on the other hand was born with a leg deformity. We tried splinting it but that...
  4. Chookchicken

    You’re favourite chook

    I’m interested in which of you’re chooks is you’re favourite (it can be other animals like geese,duck,etc) you can choose more then one and if you can’t decide just post a photo of you’re whole flock. Random thread I know, but since no one I tell seems to care here are my favourites :)
  5. Chookchicken

    Favourite winter/summer foods and drinks

    What are you’re favourite winter/summer foods/drinks (depending on where you live) I live in the Southern Hemisphere and I’m interested in what peoples favourite summer foods are (and ill be sure to use the winter ones in winter), feel free to put you’re chickens favourite winter/summer foods to :)
  6. Chookchicken

    Why is she doing this?

    One of my silkie hens (Henrietta) likes to get on another one of my silkie hens (blossom) back (that doesn’t make much sense, I have tried to take photos but they always run away. I’ll try and explain) Henrietta will stand on blossoms back and grab the feathers on the top of her head and lean...
  7. Chookchicken

    A year from today

    I know it is stupid that even after a year I still miss my beautiful girl (clock) after all she is just a chicken, though she was and always will be more then just a chicken to me. we lost her a year go to unknown reasons (we assume a heart attack considering it was hot, she was laying and a...
  8. Chookchicken

    What gender is he/she

    This is my almost 3 month old silkie. She was the only one to hatch out of 6 eggs. We cannot own roasters where we live so I am hoping he/she is a hen. (He/she really isn’t much of a photo chicken, these are the best ones I got).
  9. Chookchicken

    Does anyone have gift ideas for chickens?

    I want to get my chickens a Christmas present, Any ideas? (We have chicks so it needs to be safe for them)
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