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  1. Tlco

    My hens almost 1 yr old and sleep on the ground, help.

    Hello, I have 3 hens, 2 of my hens are about 1 yr old (first winter), the other hen just started laying. The 2 older ones lay on the ground, oddly enough the younger one goes into the coop to lay in the nest. They live in a covered run with a nice coop inside, since I have only the 3 hens space...
  2. Tlco

    Is this a Roster, not a Polish but for the life of me can't remember the breed name.?

    This is my second time trying to get a hen. Is this a roster, only about 4 old, no crowing lots of sparring with my other two hens. I had two of this breed but the other one did not make it. I think I am starting to see Saddle Feathers around the neck. What do you think?
  3. Tlco

    Is something wrong or do I have a rooster?

    These 2 hens are the same age and as far as I know same hatch, they came from a local Chicken hatchery bought at 5mo of age aprx 8mo old now. The comb and wattles are completely different. Do I have a rooster? Could something be wrong? Or is this a common thing?
  4. Tlco

    What is normal pooh?

    Somebody has some brown runny pooh. My suspension is its my Brabanter (3 mo old chick, not related to any of them came later) as I have had 2 now that have done poorly. All had been vaccinated by the breeder. The Rooster was injured some how and my hen just passed of unknown illness (suspected...
  5. Tlco

    Why do my hens lay everywhere in the coop, but the nesting boxes?

    I have 2 Self Blue Cochins that just started laying, They walk around the coop and cluck and complain. After awhile they lay any place and every place. (They don't lay on the same day and usually never in the same location) Their favorite place is right in front of the door when you walk in..if...
  6. Tlco

    6 mo old hen injured leg

    I noticed my hen hopping around in the coop and not baring much weight on her left leg. She eats and drinks but mostly lays on the ground. This has been gong on for 2 days. I am bringing her inside today. There is no injury noted to her leg and she does bare some weight but it is noticeably...
  7. Tlco

    Do my little eyes deceive me? Help fast

    Is this a Brabanter Rooster??? I think I heard crowing this morning. Hard to tell as we live in the city and a neighbor several several doors down has a small backyard flock. We are not allowed roosters within the city limits. But guess what we also live very close to the city park which has a...
  8. Tlco

    Is it too hot for my hens to lay?

    I have had chickens off and on most of my life and I am 58 yrs old so a little perplexed. Right now I have 2 Dark Brahmans 7 mo mo old, 2 Self Blue Cochins 6 1/2 mo old and 2 Brabanter 6 mo old (all hens no roosters). I feed a high quality feed for multi flock, fresh greens, fresh water and...
  9. Tlco

    Do I need a different roost?

    Hello bought my chickens from local "breeder" aprox 1 month ago. He had a huge Turkey barn sectioned off in large coops/pens with stair step roosts close to the the ground. My chickens all hens are almost 4 to 5 mo old (4 are older then the other 2). They roost on the ground next to the wire...
  10. Tlco

    What got my chickens?

    Lasr night i heard a ruckus on top of my chcicken house. Went out to find a raccoon in the run. Chased him out, climbed the inside of the hardwear cloth wall and out thru a small place in the roof that was not securely nailed down. Checked to make sure all chickens were ok, think i was missing...
  11. Tlco

    Sunflower seeds or Kernels clarification

    Please solve the big debate between my mother and I. I say we can give the whole Sunflower seed to our chickens. She says no only the inside kernel the chickens can't crack the shell. So which is it, please and thank you. Can i give my chickens Sunflower seeds whole or should i just give them...
  12. Tlco

    Spring fed Well Water...good or bad?

    Hello all. We have well water from an underground aquifer. The water to our home runs through a filtration system but all the water outside does not run through that system. I have noticed what looks like rust build up in the chicken water. I wash them out weekly to remove the build up from the...
  13. Tlco

    Please help chicken attacked by hawk (?).

    Came home to find our chickens scatter everywhere. This one was on the ground hurt. We picked up and brought her inside. Looked like what went after her she fought off. She is in a warm office with blanket over cage. No signs of breathing problems, alert. Wound are surface wound at lest what we...
  14. Tlco

    Integrating new flock with older flock

    Ok some of you may have read my previous post on getting some new hens age 4 mo old. I have a smaller flock aprox 5 mo old with a rooster who is about 1 to 2 yrs old. Each flock have there own space but free range in our yard. They usually stay simi close to each other but not together. No...
  15. Tlco

    Do you still think I am a hen? What mix breed am I?

    For sometime now we have thought and been told this is a hen. We have not gotten an egg nor have we heard crowing, aprx 7 or 8 mo old. She/He is almost as big as our rooster but the comb is small if she is a rooster. Our rooster show some slight agression to her/him but nothing really
  16. Tlco

    Introducing new 3.5 month old pullets

    Forgive the long post. I just got 4 new 3.5 month old hens. I already have 3 5mo old hens who are laying along with a rooster who is about 1 to 2 yrs old. The older hens and rooster have a nice hen house large enough for whole flock once together. Right now i have my new younger hens in their...
  17. Tlco

    First eggs

    Got my first egg from my new tiny flock, look how little it is.
  18. Tlco

    Rooster oe hens

    Got these guys back in September from a BYB the are a mixed group of muts as you can see. I was told that the Dominic was a rooster early on but i am beginning to think hen. They are approximately 4 to 5 months old maybe 6...dont know exact hatch date. So these are the best pics i could get of...
  19. Tlco

    How old am I? Guesses any one?

    So my beautiful rooster was free with my chicks. We know he is a mixed back yard mutt, but very pretty and great with my chicks with no hens in my yard ro tend the babies. Any guesses to his age?
  20. Tlco

    Rooster raising chicks

    Hello all. I just got new chicks this last weekend. They are about 4 weeks old. They came from a mixed backyard flock. The owner gave us a rooster whom looks to be 1 yr old but not sure. They are in the same coop and i was worried at first how he would be with the chicks. But surprise he is...
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