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  1. sara

    Thank you!

    I just wanted to say thank you to all the nice chicken people I met during my time on this board. There are some really great people on here. I haven't been on the board because I really needed a break from it all because there was just to much stuff going on on here that I don't have time for...
  2. sara

    Just wanted to share pictures..

    Haven't had much time to be online. Thought I'd share a couple pictures of what's been keeping us busy
  3. sara

    FS PA GQF Cabinet Incubator SOLD

    After much thought, due to lack of time for chickens (due to my son starting to show cattle for 4-H) I am selling my incubator. I've had this less than a year and it works great! It's aproximately 3 years old. Asking 425.00 or best offer, pick up only. Thanks for looking.
  4. sara

    Hi Everyone :)

    Hey! Just wanted to say hi. I've been MIA because we have been busy making hay, and also because my computer has been broken for quite a while. Thanks to everyone that inquired to see if I was ok. I'll probably be around a little bit, more once summer comes to an end. Hope everyone is doing...
  5. sara

    First quilt block swap

    Did anyone else ever finish the quilt from the first swap we did, I finally finished. I just hand quilted on the diagonal and selected a chicken themed fabric for the back. Nothing fancy, but finally compeleted. Show yours if you finished, would love to see
  6. sara

    Random pictures..

    Hi guys! Haven't posted much because I've just been crazy busy. Anyway, just thought I'd share a few pictures from the nursery. lol Anyway first are the first keets I hatched, thanks to my buddy Marlinchaser, then random pictures.. Broody girls And chicks..
  7. sara

    Heifers for the boys!

    This weekend we went to pick up the registered Angus heifers we bought for the boys. My oldest son will be 8 in July, but has to wait until next year to start 4-H but the opportunity came along so we decided to go for it. His heifer, Harriet, is due to have a calf May 6. My younger sons...
  8. sara

    I think I love turkeys... PICS added

    Who knew baby turkeys were so stinkin cute. I'm currently in a hatch of BR turkeys from Sandspoultry for my dad. The first two are out, and so cute! I can't stay away from the incubator. I think I am going to have a hard time giving them to my dad. I guess I'll have to order more eggs for...
  9. sara

    Here are my easter chicks.. (Pics)

    These hatched Easter day, and yesterday. There are lots more, but I didn't get to take any pictures of the Black Ameraucanas and lavender bantam ameraucanas yet..
  10. sara

    Good deal on hatcher!!

    I went to a sale the other week, and got this older GFQ for $25.00. I figured it might not work, but after bringing it home and plugging it in it works just fine. I'm in the process of cleaning and sterilizing it so that I can use it. Now I can just use my Sportsman to incubate, and this one...
  11. sara

    A guy just died at the end of my property

    I was cleaning up after putting my kids to bed, and noticed flashing lights. I stepped out on the porch and looked up the road and saw cop cars. I asked my husband what he thought was going on, and he said he saw a vehicle pulled off to the side of the road at the end of the property when he...
  12. sara

    Look what came in the mail, turkey eggs!

    My dad was just diagnosed with cancer, and having just recently been through it myself, I know that keeping your mind on other things is important. My dad had mentioned that he wanted some turkeys., so I ordered bourbon reds from sandspoultry. They shipped very fast, and all 14 arrived in...
  13. sara

    Chicks everywhere, Orpingtons and Ameraucanas

    Here are Julie's grandchicks: more Orp babies from the west coast: And Ameraucana babies: And Orps and Lavender Ameraucanas
  14. sara

    WTB Duck eggs PA

    Does anyone have any duck hatching eggs local? I'd be interested in Blue Sweedish, but would consider other breeds. I'd like something local if possible. thank you Sara
  15. sara

    F/S Black Ameraucana eggs PA SOLD

    12+ Black Ameraucana eggs to ship on Monday. 30.00 shipping included. Thanks for looking Sara
  16. sara

    NPIP question

    Is there somewhere you can search to see if someone is in fact NPIP certified?
  17. sara

    WTB Turkey Eggs PA

    I'm looking for some turkey eggs to hatch for my dad. Does anyone somewhat local have any? I'd prefer some type of heritage birds for him, maybe bourbon reds? thanks
  18. sara

    F/S Bantam Ameraucana eggs PA SOLD

    I have a surplus of bantam Ameraucana eggs. I have both black and lavender. I can probably do two orders of 12+ to ship out Monday. They will be a mix of black and lavender. (Each color is individually housed) $30.00 shipping included. Thanks. Please pm for additional information.
  19. sara

    I've been hatching.. (PICS)

    I broke out the incubator and put eggs in about 2 months ago now. I've had the thing running nonstop since then. It's gotten out of hand to the point that I had to buy another incubator this week. Here's some of my hatchlings: Project Orpingtons and Lavender Ameraucanas I'm very excited...
  20. sara

    F/S PA Ameraucana eggs SOLD

    I can send 12+ Ameraucana eggs on Monday. This will consist of Black Ameraucana plus I will include From my Lavender Split Pen. In this pen are 2 lavender roosters and one split rooster over 2 black hens and all the rest are Split hens. It is possible to hatch a lavender chick from this...
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