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  1. Jackjackandbernice

    Tiny chick: can I do anything else?

    Recently I picked up 2 Ayam Cemani chicks at a chicken swap. They were supposedly a few days old, but while one looked it, the other resembled a fuzzy ping pong ball with sticks for legs. It was just too tiny. I brought it home anyway (sucker for the tiny and broken things) and set about the...
  2. Jackjackandbernice

    Runners or khakis, pekin or white layer?

    Hello everyone. I got started with chickens when I rescued an abandoned coop earlier this year. They've brought me a lot of joy and our little flock expanded quickly. About 1.5 months ago I decided life was incomplete without some ducks so I went to tractor supply and bought what I thought were...
  3. Jackjackandbernice

    Gender on Easter Eggers(?) And Guineas Pic heavy

    Posting again with the other 4 rescue birds. All birds are continuing to thrive/ put on weight even in their temporary accommodations. So these are the next 4 that I'm curious about. As a reminder we rescued 8 birds, and the first four were deemed a silkie, wellsummer, red star, and white rock...
  4. Jackjackandbernice

    Nice to join you

    Recently came into a bunch of chickens that were rescued from an abandoned coop. My sister in law and I have been rehabilitating them and kept finding ourselves on this site whenever we needed a question answered, so I finally decided to make an account so we could ask questions directly as they...
  5. Jackjackandbernice

    Need help with breed and genders

    Recently was given chickens that were rescues. They're doing well,and putting on weight quickly but we don't know genders or breeds on most of them (beyond the silkie which is a pretty stand out breed, so just a gender there) and were looking for opinions. We do know they're all fairly young...
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