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  1. chickenbottom

    got some hen treats for the girls.

    well i havent seen about 6 of them in a little over 3 months and the other 10 of them i havent seen in about 5 months and im moving to mississippi thursday. i called my friend who is taking care of them while im gone until i can get them up there said i can come see them wednesday before i...
  2. chickenbottom

    what are you knitting now?

    currently im working on a blanket for my dad. just a patch blanket. im also currently working on a purse bacause i need a new one lol. and soon to be starting an i-cord rug with my leftover yarn. so what are you making? and i just finished a black fleck beret.
  3. chickenbottom

    isnt it amazing

    how dogs, cats, goats, horses, animals like that need their mothers to survive. but a chicken can hatch be taken away from its mother just hours old and be okay by itself the rest of its life. it amazes me so much how these tiny little creatures can be so independant. anyway i just wanted to...
  4. chickenbottom

    shipping question

    im moving from florida to mississippi im taking just my clothes and im going on the bus (greyhound) is there any place that ships birds like ups doesnt ship birds just reptiles and amphibians things like that. and fedex doesnt ship unless its like a zoo animal anyone know of any other options...
  5. chickenbottom

    almost stole a chicken...

    ever since code enforcement made me get rid of mine i go to my moms house her neighbor has chickens and they get out of the fence and onto the road i grabbed one and gave it a big hug lol. but i didnt steal it i put it back over the fence. i wanted to keep it over for the night lol anyone have...
  6. chickenbottom

    piercings and tattoos for them or against them?

    questions ^^^^^ there i just got my frenulum (tongue webbing done and i love it it goes well with the others. and the butterfly tattoo. what do you have if your against it explain why.
  7. chickenbottom

    well im finally back

    ive been gone so long the site changed so much in a great way!! my computer has been broken for the longest time and just couldnt get a new one thank all of you who sent me emails and messages i really appriciate it. im happy to be back. sadly i moved to a new place and found out the hard way...
  8. chickenbottom

    knitting questions

    i know you can knit two socks at once on single circular needles but i dont know how to do so can someone please tell me how? thats question one or lead me to a good website that shows how. my second question is instead of making a pair of socks can i make two hats at once the same way? thank...
  9. chickenbottom

    pictures of the flock today. *photos heavy*

    gretta pookie and marilyns back group shot had to give them corn to get it piper ruby casper lol dot (wyandotte) ginger the red
  10. chickenbottom

    vitamins and electrolytes "plus"

    i have 22 birds and a 5 gallon waterer. how much do i give them? its a 4 ounce bag and its powdered. does 1 teaspoon sound about right or less? thank you i dont want to kill them
  11. chickenbottom

    just knitted a hat *now with pictures*

    i stopped knitting for a while and just picked back up. with some round needles with the wire attached (knitting in the round) sorta thing. i had forgotten how tricky that thing was but i got it ill post pictures of it when i get my photos loaded. its fall colors tan/red/brown/green and i put a...
  12. chickenbottom

    whats wrong with her?

    well my little hen to be will be a year old on the 21st of this month and she is a buff cochin bantam. shes barely eating shes not running around shes walking very slowly everywhere. she sleeps a lot when she was a baby she had problems pooping and i had to help her with that and when she...
  13. chickenbottom


    can my flock have mashed potatoes? ive heard they cant have potato peels or raw potatoes is that true? i think they would really like them. and im talking about freshly made mashed potatoes not from the box thank you in advance.
  14. chickenbottom

    really cute cat video

    thought ide share it thought it was really cute.
  15. chickenbottom

    they've hatched 2/3 now with pics page 2

    i put 5 eggs under my broody hen tonight im very excited. they will be due around the 28th so they will be halloween babies. the momma button her year old birthday is tomorrow so its a pretty nice present. just thought i should say it lol. they can also be rir crossed with barred rocks
  16. chickenbottom

    trying to fatten them up

    well my babies for the past week now get a good amount of feed and they free range from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep is there something i can give them to gain some weight? they are healthy weights but i want them to have a bit more meat on them cause its getting colder...
  17. chickenbottom

    still molting in cold times?

    well all my girls are still molting and i dont know what to do it was like 60 degrees outside this morning its getting colder and colder everyday. my coop doesnt have electricity, im really scared to bring an electrical cord out there cause ive seen so many coop fires and the flock burning to...
  18. chickenbottom

    anyone in florida have a few baby chicks?

    i went on craigslist and i found one person close to me and he said he cant sell only 2 or 3 chicks for my hen he only sells big numbers like 25-100 and above. so anyone around me have chicks? cheap ones? thanks you in advance.
  19. chickenbottom

    apple cider vinegar

    well ive been working on getting to my weight i was three years ago (103) but recently i remembered vinegar makes me not hungry so before dinner i have a shot of vinegar and eat a smaller portion of food and so far ive lost 20 pounds. i guess my question would be is it healthy for you (vinegar)...
  20. chickenbottom

    your favorite song lyrics

    ive never seen a post like this before thought ide make one. this is about song lyrics that truly speak to you. any type of song lyrics just no bad language or about stuff not allowed on byc. COME ON LETS SEE THOSE LYRICS lol
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