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  1. the outdoorsman

    Deadliest Warrior

    Does anyone watch it?
  2. the outdoorsman

    Dove eggs

    Does anyone know where I can get some? I herd doves will sit on eggs for you. Is that true?
  3. the outdoorsman


    Just wanted to ask my friends on the quail fourm. Who likes fishing?
  4. the outdoorsman

    Who likes fishing??

    Who likes fishing? I do!!!!!!
  5. the outdoorsman

    Gambel quail reproduction

    I am wondering when gambel quail are old enough to reproduce? Im not sure anyone here raises them though??
  6. the outdoorsman

    What do you do for fun?

    All you have to do is say what you like to do. I will start I like hunting fishing and raising quail.
  7. the outdoorsman

    which is better cats or dogs

    All you have to do is tell which you like best cats or dogs. I will start I like dogs.
  8. the outdoorsman

    gambel quail

    When should I take my gambel quail out of their brooder? They are around three or four weeks old.
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