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  1. mamagardener

    pullets wanted in central ma

    Wanted young laying p bullets in the central ma area. Preferably heavy breeds known for cold hardiness and good egg laying.
  2. mamagardener

    pullets and rooster

    I am in central ma and would like to add more chickens to the six I already have. Preferably between 5 to 9 months old.
  3. mamagardener

    Fox problem

    After 4 years of free ranging chickens every afternoon we now all of a sudden have a predator. Took 2 chickens and attacked my cat the past week. Animal control says I can trap and kill it. State law is if I trap It I have to kill it. If I just keep my chickens in their run and coop will the...
  4. mamagardener

    Please vote for my friends daughter

    Hi everyone, my friends daughter is in a contest to see who opens for Jo Dee Messina on April 16th. Could you please vote for her, she is very dedicated and talented. Her family moved from MA to Nashville so she can finish school there and follow her dream of being a country singer. She is...
  5. mamagardener

    How many older BYCER's still around?

    I haven't been on too much in the past year. I am wondering how many of the people that were always on here are still here. I am looking through a lot of threads and don't recognize a whole lot of names..
  6. mamagardener

    Flag at half staff for Whitney Houston

    The governor of New Jersey has ordered flag flown at half staff to honor Whitney Houston. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? I always thought it was for purposes to honor sacrifice or people who have done good things for their community or country, not a celebrity.
  7. mamagardener

    Who inspires you?

    Who inspires you to be a better person, or try harder? I would have to say besides my late parents and grandparents... Mother Teresa she was someone who gave so selflessly. She wasn't a weird fanatic or an egocentric trying to make herself look good. She was just a person who wanted to make the...
  8. mamagardener

    Tonopah Pati passed away this year

    For those of you who remember Pati and her walking chicken avatar, I just wanted to let you know that she passed this year. I know she suffered for a while, but she had so much spunk and wit and I miss her on this site.
  9. mamagardener

    I need to say a 4 letter word...

    SNOW!!! It is snowing here
  10. mamagardener

    Vacuum ideas

    Well, my old vacuum finally broke. I have been waiting for this to happen because I hated that vacuum. Now I can get a new one. I like the ones that have the onboard tools, and hose. I don't want to spend a lot ( can't afford a dyson ) any ideas?
  11. mamagardener

    J.R. Martinez on Dancing with the Stars

    I love the way this man handles himself. He is truly a hero and role model. He is also a good dancer. When I see people like him, it gives me hope for the human race.
  12. mamagardener

    its that time of year again

    I love the fall, the colors, the crisp nights, the apple picking, kids back in school, mosquitoes eventually go away.... I don't like, the end of gardening for the year, and ALMOST NO EGGS!!! My 12 chickens are down to about 3 eggs a day. I am going to have to buy some in the store....horrors!
  13. mamagardener

    ideas for new vacuum, and digital camera

    I need a new vacuum and a digital camera. My old vacuum is a dirt devil and my camera is a kodak easy share. The vacuum is not powerful, picks up very little. I end up vacuuming over and over to get the job done. The camera is only a year old, and has had problems from the beginning. Now...
  14. mamagardener

    Who stocks up for storms?

    Who stocks up for storms? And what do you do to get ready? We buy the basics, non perishible food, water, propane. what do you guys do?
  15. mamagardener

    papaya recall, we all just ate one!

    Well, earlier this evening my family and I ate a papaya. Now I find out the papaya is from a batch that has been recalled due to salmonella poisoning. You have got to be kidding me. It is going to be a very tense week in this house, that's for sure!
  16. mamagardener

    names for daycare....ideas?

    Looking for a good name for a daycare that I am opening. Any ideas?
  17. mamagardener

    Son needs songs for school project that make no sense

    My son is working on a project for school and he needs songs that make no sense. He needs to copy down the lyrics and try to find some meaning in it. Anyone have any ideas?
  18. mamagardener

    RIP Jeff Conoway

    I was saddened to see that he passed away today at age 60. My kids and I love Grease, and watch it a lot. I hope he is finally at peace, I know he was addicted for a long time.
  19. mamagardener

    peanut allergies in schools

    I just heard about a school that is having children wash their hands and rinse out their mouths 3 times a day because one child has serious peanut allergies. I understand the seriousness of this issue, but what about all the time that is spent doing this? In these times when recess and other...
  20. mamagardener

    chest virus going around?

    just wondering if anyone else has the same thing I have...I have been sick for over a month now. Cough and stuffy, chest tight sometimes and other time phlegmy. Today I went to the ER because I was having a pain in the left side, not in the chest but on the very side of my body. They did xray...
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