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  1. wsmoak

    2016 Turkeys in Georgia

    We usually do meat chickens (Freedom Rangers) but this year we decided to do turkeys. I got the assortment from Murray McMurray. Any guesses on what the brown ones are? -Wendy
  2. wsmoak

    DIY Electric Scalder with NO cutting or wiring needed

    Like just about everyone else, I started out heating water on a propane camp stove and stopping before every scald to get the temperature right before dunking the birds. I also tried an electric heating element, but with no thermostat it had the same problem of fiddling with the temperature...
  3. wsmoak

    A new Whizbang Plucker is born!

    It's finally [almost] finished! I ordered the kit back when I ordered this batch of Freedom Ranger chicks... and then the box sat there. Those chicks are now 11 weeks old and _really_ need to be in my freezer! My barrel is not the same shape as the one in the instruction book, so it took...
  4. wsmoak

    First time hatching eggs

    Once upon a time I bought all the stuff to make a cabinet incubator... and never got around to it. So when a neighbor posted a Genesis 1588 for sale, I figured it was a sign. :) I collected 7 eggs yesterday and they're sitting in a cooler at 55F and 61% humidity. It's pouring rain today...
  5. wsmoak

    Processing those extra roosters

    There is ENTIRELY too much crowing going on around here, so I finally got my act together and reduced the rooster population by one this morning. I just skinned him, not wanting to go to the trouble to set up the scalder and plucker for a single bird. He was a "Barred Rock" ... except that...
  6. wsmoak

    Brooder question

    Since most of my meat chickens were lost in transit and I'm not going to re-order, I moved up the "turkey project" and am picking up four Royal Palm week-old poults in the morning. So... I have a dozen tiny chicks in the brooder now (2'x4' stock tank). Can I add the turkeys or do I need to...
  7. wsmoak

    S&G Assortment in Georgia - Fall 2012

    This is not starting out well! They shipped on Tuesday, got here today, and only 13 of the 49 they shipped survived the trip. :( Strangely enough, in a big box with four compartments, three of them were near total losses, while all the chicks in the fourth section were alive and well. That's...
  8. wsmoak

    New chicken/turkey tractor (#3)

    When we built the first chicken tractor, we made the typical mistake of using 2x4 lumber, and even though it's only 4'x8', it's *way* too heavy to move. (Mistake #2: no wheels!) The second one is *much* better, built of 1x2's, (ripped 2x4's in half on the table saw,) has wheels and works...
  9. wsmoak

    Scalder made from mop sink + water heater element?

    I need a scalder that will hold the temperature without someone having to babysit it. (Currently using an outdoor propane camp stove and a canning pot -- fine when I have a helper, not so great when I'm alone.) I found this old post...
  10. wsmoak

    What drill or tool for rotary plucker?

    I bought a plucker (large PVC pipe with rubber fingers) that's intended to be used with a drill. This one: DH insists that his Makita drills are NOT available for this use. :D He suggested getting a drill...
  11. wsmoak

    Freedom Rangers in Georgia - Spring 2012

    They're here! I ordered 25 chicks from Freedom Ranger Hatchery and they arrived this morning: All 26 (they sent one extra) of them are alternately running around or falling over to sleep for a bit. I splurged on a metal stock tank because the last time I had chicks I was constantly...
  12. wsmoak

    Georgia Right to Grow Act needs support

    Saw this on the Georgia Organics Facebook page Quote: You can read the text of the bill here: -Wendy
  13. wsmoak

    Wanted: sweet Thousand Island dressing recipe

    Please share your Thousand Island salad dressing recipes! I am trying to replace the expensive Marie's Thousand Island salad dressing that I currently buy at the grocery store. (When they have it -- half the time they are out.) I tried the recipe in the red plaid (Better Homes & Gardens?)...
  14. wsmoak

    Incubator construction project - Herpstat arrived!

    Last month we received a gift of Omaha Steak products. Of course I saw that big white styrofoam cooler and thought... INCUBATOR!!! After doing a bit of research, I decided not to mess around with waterbed thermometers, etc., and ordered a Herpstat with grounded cords, which arrived today. I'm...
  15. wsmoak

    Running around the yard yesterday... chicken soup tonight

    We processed our first 'extra rooster' today -- I did the killing, scalding and plucking, DH did the butchering. It was a scrawny little Wyandotte; I wanted to practice on something that I would not feel too bad about throwing out if it all went wrong and we had to give up. Last night I...
  16. wsmoak

    Introduced extra chicks to a broody's not-so-great hatch

    My broody hen hatched four of the ten eggs she was sitting on, and today I picked up a half dozen blue black splash orpington chicks and exchanged them for the six eggs that are just not going to hatch. I was supposed to wait until dark to do this, but they were all piled up in the corner of...
  17. wsmoak

    Chicken tractors and rain

    We built (well, I watched,) a 4x8 chicken tractor this weekend... it's still up on sawhorses so I can paint/seal it, but I wonder, what happens when it rains hard? Part of it is covered, but the water will run everywhere. Do you generally provide a way for them to get up off the ground, or ...
  18. wsmoak

    broody hatch, what are we?

    I know one or more of these are Easter Eggers because there is blue eggshell in the nest. Does anyone see a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chick by any chance, or are they all EEs (except for the obvious BO)? I also had some Lavender Orpington eggs, but I don't think they've hatched, and I'd expect...
  19. wsmoak

    Last night's visitor

    Went out to close up the chicken coop, and EEEK! Found half of this guy extending out from under the coop. This is after he saw one of the cats and rearranged himself to look scary: 110621_5445 by wsmoak, on Flickr He had several lumps so I checked under my broody hen to make sure he hadn't...
  20. wsmoak

    After the storm

    Everybody hung out in the horse shelter during the worst of the storm and then went wandering around while it was still raining afterwards. Slightly damp... 110617_5430 by wsmoak, on Flickr -Wendy
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