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  1. GRB73

    Your Experience with Manna Pro All Flock Crumbles

    I've been searching for a 16% protein feed with little or no calcium. It has to be crumbles because that is all my spoiled girls will eat. My hens are about 5 and are not laying as they once did so they don't need the extra calcium in the layer feed (they get oyster shells free-choice). I...
  2. GRB73

    Please Help... I'm Stumped About Hens' Chronic Loose Poo and Night Laying

    I can't figure out what to do to help my chickens. My beautiful white Wyandotte hen (5 y.o.) has been having chronic loose poos since last summer. For the most part, the brown part is solid (sometimes a little mushy) and the white cap is runny. I had her checked for worms in August and again...
  3. GRB73

    Can a dog and chickens safely coexist in a small backyard?

    So my dilemma is this. I really want to adopt a dog, but I own three pet chickens I am very attached to. I worry that no matter how careful I am, any dog I adopt is going to eventually get loose and eat my chickens. Do you think dog and chicken can coexist in a small backyard? I'd love to hear...
  4. GRB73

    Stinky Poo

    For the last few days my almost five year old Wyandotte has had the smelliest morning poos. They are not fecal poos, but large poos with a large white cap. Slightly loose. They almost smell like dog poo. I switched their feed on Sunday to all flock rather than layer feed because they won't lay...
  5. GRB73

    Funky waxy stuff on chicken butt

    I noticed my rir's butt was looking a little dirty. Upon closer inspection, I noticed what looks like a yellow waxy, crusty buildup on her skin just below her vent. Vent looks healthy with no sign of discharge or odor. Some of her pin feathers fell out and had the same waxy substance...
  6. GRB73

    Soft Eggs

    I need help figuring this out. I have a Wyandotte who is about 4 1/2 years old. For the past 2 months she's had a pattern of laying intact eggs for a two week period (5 per week). Then she will lay predawn, soft shelled eggs for about 3 days, then no eggs for several days. She also has looser...
  7. GRB73

    Foamy Eyes

    I just noticed foam in my chicken's eyes. I read on this forum this could be the start of a respiratory illness and I should give Tylan? What dose should I give? Do I put it in her drinking water? I will isolate her. Anything else I should do?
  8. GRB73

    Hen Bully

    All three of my hens are molting which means strange behavior. I never know what to expect from year to year. This year my RIR is bullying the Ameraucauna, who is in the middle of a severe molt. The RIR is chasing her around and not letting her in the coop at night. The RIR sits at the entrance...
  9. GRB73

    Flock Raiser Feed for Older Hens?

    I have three hens, each is approximately 3.5 years old. One of the hens lays 1 egg per week/month. She took early retirement I guess. The other 2 hens lay 5 to 6 eggs per week, when they're not molting. I decided to switch to an All Flock feed and continue to offer oyster shells on the side so...
  10. GRB73


    My chickens have small, threadlike worms in their poo. My Wyandotte has had diarrhea off and on for the last few weeks, now the other two have it as well. How do I treat them? I thought I read certain medications only treat certain worms? Do I need to go to a vet to ID these pests? Also, I read...
  11. GRB73

    Raspy breathing. Next steps?

    My hen had very slight raspy breathing this morning. I used VetRX under her wings and on her comb and the rasps subsided after a few minutes. Now every couple hours I'm listening to her breathing. With my ear to her beak I hear her breath, but it doesn't sound labored. She is laying, eating and...
  12. GRB73

    Runny, smelly poo

    My 3 yo Wyandotte hen has been off the last few days and I want to be proactive about treating her. She had soft shell eggs for three mornings in a row, then a shelless egg on the fourth morning. All of these eggs were laid before 6:30 am, which is a strange time for her to lay. Two days now...
  13. GRB73

    Off Hen

    My white Wyandotte is acting peculiar. On Thursday, she laid a soft shelled egg, very early in the morning, around 4 am maybe. Then she was lethargic the rest of the morning, perking up in the early afternoon. Then she was eating, drinking, dust bathing. Normal, happy chicken things. Then...
  14. GRB73

    Turkey Vultures

    Do turkey vultures prey on chickens? I know black vultures do, but I get mixed messages about TV's. I have several tv's that pass low over my chickens on a regular basis and I am concerned. This happened on Sunday. Fortunately, I was outside with the girls and scared the bird off. Are the birds...
  15. GRB73

    Feeding Wild Birds

    I'm curious to know if chicken owners can feed wild birds or is it a bad practice due to increased risk of disease transmission to the chickens? Also, in that the presence of feeding wild birds might bring more hawks to the yard. What are your experiences/opinions? I have a very small back yard...
  16. GRB73

    Mystery Blood in Coop

    This morning we found blood splotches on the floor of the coop and a few drips down the side of the walls. It is a small, plastic coop, with light-colored walls, so the blood was pretty prominent. We inspected our three girls this morning and found no injuries, no blood on their feathers (my...
  17. GRB73

    Wheat Grass

    Has anyone given wheat grass to their chickens? I sprouted some seed for fun. The shoots are about 2 inches high now. Can I feed them everything, root, shoot and all? Thanks
  18. GRB73

    Black Oil Sunflower seeds

    Can chickens eat black oil sunflower seeds or will the shells cause crop impaction? I normally give the girls shelled pumpkin and sunflower seeds but I saw a bell made out of black oil seeds, one I could hang in the run to keep them busy. It is meant for songbirds but chickens should be ok with...
  19. GRB73

    Windbreak Ideas Please

    I have a small (3' x 4') coop with three chickens. I'd like to provide a Windbreak to block the n/nw wind that pummels the coop most of the winter. We have a small yard with limited space. I've thought about attaching burlap to 5' poles. Or stacking hay bales. The latter I can get for free but...
  20. GRB73

    Molting and loss of appetite

    Is loss of appetite common when chickens molt? My three hens (2.5 years old) are all in different degrees of molt. Over the past two weeks their appetites have reduced. They aren't even tempted by their favorite foods--mealworms and scrambled eggs. I also noticed their poo has become watery...
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