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  1. Salt and Light

    Approximate Pounds of Feed/Bird: X-Rocks

    Approximately how many pounds of feed does it take to raise one X-rock to 8 weeks? Or, approximately how many pounds of feed does it take to raise 25 x-rocks to butchering age (8 weeks)? Thanks,!!
  2. Salt and Light

    3 Months

    Finished butchering the last of the 50 Freedom Rangers I received on Apr 8. I started butchering the roosters 3 weeks ago, butchered some more the following weekend and finished up with the smallest 15 today. Almost 12 weeks and 1, 500 lbs of feed later, I have a freezer full of vacuum - packed...
  3. Salt and Light

    Interesting Observations After Butchering

    I butchered 21 FR's yesterday. For the most part, one bird looked like all the others, but I did notice a couple interesting oddities. At least two birds had deformed hip joints. Primarily, I observed that the ball of the femur was deteriotated with what I suspect to be arthritis. In one...
  4. Salt and Light

    Salmonella Outbreak From Baby Chicks

    Just got this message from my Dad: Very interesting because I just got out of the hospital for some type of bug...
  5. Salt and Light

    Illness and Hospitalization From Raising Chickens?

    I've had 2 hospitalizations over the past year. Both were some sort of "bug". The first was an e-coili infection, the second is unidentified. I'm curious to know if other chicken raisers experienced frequent bacterial/viral infections resulting in hospitalization. I don't know if my sickness...
  6. Salt and Light

    One-legged Chick: Will It Thrive?

    Noticed today that one of my 3 week old chicks' leg has drawn up into a claw. Will it be able to thrive as an adult?
  7. Salt and Light

    Rooster Behavior

    I 've raised probably over 100 meat birds so, I'm pretty familiar with young rooster. But from my last batch of Freedom Rangers, I let two roosters grow till mature. Now, they are acting like roosters but I'm a little concerned. While mounting, they really tear up the hens combs and tear the...
  8. Salt and Light

    Does Extra Protein Make a Real Difference?

    I am not 100% convinced that feeding higher protein feed to meat birds makes any difference in growth. I've raised birds on 18% chick starter and the last batch on 20% grower. There was no detectable or significant difference in the grow time for these birds. Does anyone have research showing...
  9. Salt and Light

    Butchering This Week and NOT Going to Gut....

    Last time I butchered, I cut up a couple chickens without gutting them. Basically I cut the entire 1/2 of the chicken away from the carcass and then do the other side. Then I cut off the leg quarters, and wings, then de-skin the breast. I really liked this and my wife liked having the...
  10. Salt and Light

    Done With Meat Birds

    I think I'm going to start raising dual-purpose birds and stop with meat birds. I lost two more birds the past two days and if I don't lose anymore birds, I'm now up to almost $10.00/bird. I think I'm going to purchase 25 dual-purpose birds and use them for a sustaining stock of eggs and meat...
  11. Salt and Light

    Can Chickens Sustain Themselves?

    I have free ranging leghorns and a couple freedom ranger hens. Just out of curiosity, is it practical for these birds to successfully thrive on free range only? I have 5 acres of woods/grass.
  12. Salt and Light

    2 Dead Chicks: Dehydration?

    Woke up this AM to two dead chicks. Actually 1 dead chick and 1 dieing chick. They had water when I went to bed but it was empty this morning. Is it probable that the chicks died from dehydration?
  13. Salt and Light

    Another Batch of Freedom Rangers Has Arrived

    Just picked up 27 FR's from the post office. I am also picking up 600 lbs of fresh ground 20% starter from a local mill. I've always used Purina in the past, so I'm curious to see any difference with this fresh-ground feed. Off the bat, it will save me about $1.50 per bag of feed. If I had...
  14. Salt and Light

    Ducks: Taste and Raising Questions

    1. What does duck meat taste like? 2. Do ducks require water, other than for drinking? Thanks!
  15. Salt and Light

    Freedom Rangers' Eggs: Are they Always smallish

    I know layers always start off with small eggs, but do the FR's eggs stay small or do they start producing full size eggs?
  16. Salt and Light

    Estimated Life Span of Hen

    What is the natural life expectancy of a layer? I have a hen that has just about played out and am curious about how long she MIGHT live.
  17. Salt and Light

    "My Pet": Shipping Prices for 8 Birds

    I was initially pleased when I saw a website called The site offers to sell/ship as few as three birds. I'm wanting to add a couple egg-layers and thought this was perfect. I was shocked to find that shipping for 5 birds was over $30.00. I can't justify that much money...
  18. Salt and Light

    Source For Adding a Few Hens?

    I want to add a couple hens to my stock but am unsure where to find a source. Do I just go to the feed store? I've always read that introducing chicks from outside sources may cause disease problems. Of course, I don't breed any chickens so they all come from some type of outside source, i.e...
  19. Salt and Light


    Anyone ever "fillet" your birds? I did 5 Freedom Rangers today by filleting the meat off the carcass. I worked really well and went smooth and easy. I like skinless chicken breast and the rest of the tribe likes dark meat with skin. We don't eat the backs and the only internal organ we eat is...
  20. Salt and Light

    Raise Quail Without 24 Hour Caging?

    Raise chickens and thinking of trying quail. I don't like caging animals anymore than absolutely necessary. Is it possible to raise quail without caging 24/7?
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