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  1. dirtybug

    WTB: Golden Laced Wyandottes or... PA, DE ....

    I'm looking to add two Golden Laced Wyandottes or other good laying laced pullets to the flock. Birds that are ready to be outside but not yet laying would be preffered. Located in PA near Lancaster, York, Delaware.....
  2. dirtybug

    egg with "bag" in it ?

    glad to hear we're not gonna die from eating them It was hard enough convincing the wife to eat backyard eggs, if she saw the membrane when I was cracking them that would have been the end for her and I'd have alot of eggs to eat on my own.
  3. dirtybug

    solar waterer

    I'm in a similar situation : no electric at coop and its going to be getting cold soon. you may want to look into a "passive solar heater"
  4. dirtybug

    egg with "bag" in it ?

    so I've gotten lots of eggs from the 3 layers I've had for about a week and finally cooked some up. a few of the eggs had whats best described as a bag inside the shell, I had to crack the shell then through a thin film almost like I could have removed the shell and had an egg in a bag but...
  5. dirtybug

    Cardboard bedding ??

    I've just come across a supplier of "cardboard bedding" at about half the cost of pine shavings. Doing a search here came up with 0 results, I'm wondering if anyone is using it or if there are any reasons not to use it. I have no other info about what kind/size of cardboard it is but it is...
  6. dirtybug

    what to do about the gaps in corrugated roofing?

    The plastic closure strips are only $5 for a pack of six, each is about 18-24". With the plastic roofing I used they are mandatory to prevent damage.
  7. dirtybug

    what to do about the gaps in corrugated roofing?

    I used corugated plastic roofing, its basicaly the same shape. Bought it at home depot, they had the wiggly foam stuff for it but also had wiggly plastic supports, I used the plastic.
  8. dirtybug

    landscape ideas around coop

    Look into dual purpose plants, that will provide the tranquil privacy your looking for and something extra like a treat for you or the hens. I'm planning to use blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and maybe a few other bushes. Just be sure to protect them till they're mature.
  9. dirtybug

    My new wall feeder

    Do they try to dig in it with thier beaks throwing it on the floor?
  10. dirtybug

    Anyone using Solar or Wind Power?

    generaly wind turbines need to be mounted high and tethered to the ground (there are exceptions) So solar may be a better bet. You'll need to figure out how long you want the extra light to be on, multiply the number of hours by the wattage of the bulb(s) that will tell you how many amps your...
  11. dirtybug

    Mother in-law suite finished

    Quote: We just got married in August so I'm taking every oppurtunity to tease the wife
  12. dirtybug

    Water for winter

    Quote: If you have electric in the coop you could drop an aquarium heater into the barrel, while your at it hook it to your downspout so you don't have to fill it as often. the food grade barrel usually have two 2" plugs one of them usualy has 3/4" threads that a garden hose valve will screw...
  13. dirtybug

    Mother in-law suite finished

    Quote: Downingtown right by the lyndell post office by 282
  14. dirtybug

    Mother in-law suite finished

    Quote: Its been a number of years since I last had chickens and I've proably had two dozen designs in my head and on paper in that time, This was a little bit of all those designs but mostly just the most efficient way to use the materials I had on hand. even though most of the material was...
  15. dirtybug

    Grass In Pen

    Quote: I haven't tried this yet but it has been on my plan sheet for over a year, I've never heard mention of it anywhere but in my head
  16. dirtybug

    Ideas for heat using car battery and timer to go on at night

    In areas where night time temps are more of a concern than day temps a cheap 12v photo sensor would act as a timer of sorts and keep energy use to a minimum which is very important to solar/battery systems.
  17. dirtybug

    Mother in-law suite finished

    Most of the coop was made with free wood (old billboard) I think total I spent around $150 including 100' of hardware cloth. the building is 4'x8' but one end has a 2'x2' storage closet so the coop is 4'x6'. The run is 8'x14' and is totally enclosed with 2"x4" wire including the roof. I plan to...
  18. dirtybug

    Brown sex link ??

    I've been offered a few pullets that where reffered to as brown sex links, I can't seem to find any mention of that breed on this site and a google search didn't come up with much except one mention saying they are commonly called isa browns. Is a brown sex link an isa brown ?
  19. dirtybug

    5wk RIR outside?

    May be getting some 5wk old RIR's I've never had chicks before, only older birds. My guess is that at 5 weeks in cold weather they still need a source of heat and being that my coop is uninsulated and has no electric I'd have to wait. ?? also at 5wks could a RIR walk through 2x4" fence?
  20. dirtybug

    Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

    Chester County And looking to purchase a few pullets localy, If you know of any.
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