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  1. DoeAndGander

    Feather footed roo - mites or infected?

    I noticed my feather footed roo’s leg is inflamed and possibly scaly mites? for a while now I’ve noticed I have a feather plucker getting him but it has never been this inflamed/infected. What can I do to help? I have VetRX and a few other things on hand. Thanks much!
  2. DoeAndGander

    Flock not laying - help please

    Hey all! About half of my flock is not laying. Can I please get some feed back on food/diet? I’m feeding them all Home Fresh multiflock. I have a mix of ages. We’re running into shorter days but this all started before daylights savings (its been 3-4 months for my hens). With so many not laying...
  3. DoeAndGander


    Is this cocci? Or would it be brighter red and thicker? I’ve found blood in stool like this almost daily the past 4 days. Just one dropping typically. I noticed my roo had a slightly bloody foot feather this morning.
  4. DoeAndGander

    Pump House Coop Reno

    Well chicken math got the best of me! And I’ve decided to fix up my old pump house 9.5x9.5 as a second coop and add a 16x8 Lean to run. It needs a lot of help! Here she is in all her glory. We ripped the siding off to find the original lap structure. I already have HC along the open eves. Next...
  5. DoeAndGander

    Roo limping + red line going up

    A friend of mine has a Cochin roo 7-8 months old. This evening we noticed he was limping and had a red line going up his leg. It isn’t bloody - almost looks raw. Any insight as to what this could be?
  6. DoeAndGander

    Tree in run - suggestions?!

    Any tips on building a tin roof in run around tree trunk(s)?! I found one post which did a hardware cloth collaboration. I’m doing a lean to tin roof out from existing roof. I’d like to keep at least one trunk of tree for shade on coop. Thanks!
  7. DoeAndGander

    Omitting lap siding gaps

    Any suggestions on how to attach a run to metal lap siding and omitting the gaps in the lap? I need my run to be weasel proof. I’m concerned with the gap between the laps and would rather not cut the siding to put 4x4 directly on to sheeting below. I’ll take a photo for example
  8. DoeAndGander

    Lethargic & pale hen -what am I missing?!

    My Sapphire Gem isn’t doing so great. I’ve been looking her over and see nothing out of the ordinary besides her being pale and lethargic. Not egg bound. No mites. Crop seems to be emptying. All other chickens are happy and healthy. She’s had probiotics, scrambled eggs, granite grit and is...
  9. DoeAndGander

    Polish cockerel - trim feathers?

    This is Sprite, my Polish Sizzle cockerel. He has yet to show any aggression but as you can see, I have yet to trim the feathers around his eyes. Sounds a bit mean, but should I intentionally keep the feathers a little longer to hinder his vision during potential attacks?! Or am I thinking about...
  10. DoeAndGander

    Pullet... or?

    8 weeks. Thoughts?!
  11. DoeAndGander

    Chick troubles swallowing - 4 day old

    4 days old troubles swallowing- please see video. Panting whether under heat plate or not. Room is about 75-80 degrees. I don’t see anything in her throat. Any insight? Has probiotic in water. Gave nutri-drench a little bit ago hoping it will help perk her up.
  12. DoeAndGander

    Injured keet

    Injured keet just over 2 weeks old. Its “knee” appears to be double the size. Not putting weight on it at all. Definitely pain but Is eating and drinking. Can anyone help on prognosis? Poor keet!
  13. DoeAndGander

    Roll out nest box bedding?

    So I’m thinking the next batch of chicks I get I will have to build a new coop for so they don’t have the same habits. Now that my whole flock of 7 are pretty much into egg eating I think my only option is to cull or fight this issue until this batch passes. It’s constant two steps fwd and one...
  14. DoeAndGander

    Egg eater + poop board layer

    Hey guys! I have an egg eater possibly multiple egg eaters. Going to be building rollaway nest box this weekend but wondering if you guys have any suggestions as to getting my pullets to lay in the nest box and not the poop board. I have wooden eggs in box already.i will be adding more curtain...
  15. DoeAndGander

    3x3 coop alcove suggestions

    Any suggestions on what to put in this awkward 3’x3’ alcove? Interior coop measures 9’6”x9’6”. There’s currently one long 3’x9’6” walk in area and I was thinking extend the chicken area the extra 9 sq ft but unsure what to put there to utilize space. Put roosting bars/poop boards along west and...
  16. DoeAndGander

    Run design - help!

    Well it’s that time of year! Temps dropping and I’m forced to think about winter and building a run to keep my biddies happy through it. This was originally going to be a temp coop but it has turned into a coop I’m keeping for a few years at least. My original thought for a run was a gable roof...
  17. DoeAndGander

    Bug issue waiting period

    Deep cleaning the coop last night I discovered tiny bugs in a few crevices which I assumed were mites. I have yet to find one on any of my four hens but going to check again in a bit. Upon research they may not be mites - they were tiny like mites but more oval if that even makes sense. Black...
  18. DoeAndGander

    Mildew resistant coop paint

    I live in Minnesota but feel as if I live in the Amazon! Mildew has started to grow on the outside of my painted coop. Any fellow Amazon dwellers experience this? recommendations?
  19. DoeAndGander

    2 week old sleeping on roost already

    My girls are just over 2 weeks old. I’ve had a roost in their brooder for about a week. They took to it almost immediately - all the way up to the top tier. The last few days I’ve noticed them sleeping on it. This is my second batch of chicks and these 3 (ISA Browns) seem to be excelling at a...
  20. DoeAndGander

    Multiple eggs blood spots

    Yesterday I noticed blood spots in multiple eggs from same chicken. I know blood (and meat) spots are semi common but I’m wondering at what point should I be alarmed of them? If it continues for xx days? The amount of blood? Is there link anywhere with what to be alarmed with or not? Thanks...
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