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  1. aticiabray

    Any guess what breed this dude is?

    I just got this little rooster from a friend. She doesn’t have any idea what kind he is. Any ideas? He might be some kind of mix but I was just wondering if anyone had ideas on what he could be mixed with. Thanks!
  2. aticiabray

    Prairie Bluebell Egger

    Hi! I just purchased some PBBE chicks and I am new to them. I was wondering if you all could share photos of your adults so I can see the different color varieties they come in. 😊 I got a white one with a few small black spots and a solid black one. Please and thank you!
  3. aticiabray

    Button Quail - Seeking Info

    Hello all. I have been thinking about getting some button quail and not having a ton of luck finding care info. I have some basic knowledge but my main question is how to house them indoors and if that is ok or not. If it is ok to house them indoors, what kind of set up would I do? I am...
  4. aticiabray

    Araucanas! Gender and color help.

    Hi. I have these three Arauancas and I was wondering what gender you guys thought they looked like? Also, what color are they classified as and what will they look like as adults based on color? I've never had this breed before, so I'm not sure what the adults look like... Here's the first one...
  5. aticiabray

    What gender are these guys??

    We got these brown leghorns in March or so... Was wondering what gender you guys thought they were? One of the pics is a little dark, sorry!
  6. aticiabray

    Best goose breed?

    Hi. I've always been very interested in geese... But don't really know much about them. I've never raised anything but pheasants. What is the best goose breed to own? Like, the friendliest I guess. I've heard that geese can bond to their people pretty well and after having ring neck pheasants...
  7. aticiabray

    Mandarin Ducks...

    Hi! I was wondering what kind of personality mandarin ducks have. I was thinking about getting some but would like some feedback on what it's like to own them. The only thing I've ever really raised are pheasants. Are they anything like pheasants? Anyway, please let me know anything you can...
  8. aticiabray

    Looking for valley quail

    Does anyone know of a place I can find valley quail chicks? Or hatching eggs. At a reasonable price.
  9. aticiabray

    Lady Amherst experts??

    I have been told that it can take up to a year to know the gender for sure of a Lady Amherst. Is this true? I was wondering what you guys thought I had here. I was thinking it was a male but it's eyes haven't changed... It was hatched on May 31st so that puts it around 16 weeks. If it were a...
  10. aticiabray

    Lady Amherst. Hen or rooster?

    Hi guys. I have a couple of Lady Amherst pheasants that were hatched on May 31st. Just wondering what you guys think the gender is? (It's pretty hot today so that's why the beak is open.)
  11. aticiabray

    Help, please!

    My friend got an "assorted" bunch of guineas a while ago and it turns out they weren't very assorted. This is the only one that looks different. Just wondering what type you guys think it is. Pearl?? Also, when and how can you tell gender?
  12. aticiabray

    Need some Guinea assistance please!

    Hello all! My friend got some "assorted" guineas awhile ago and it turns out they weren't very assorted. This is the only one that looks different. What type is it? Also, when and how can you tell gender?
  13. aticiabray

    Overly aggressive male.

    I have a male ring neck who is a little over a year old and mean as hell. Every time I go into the pen to feed and water he tries to bite and spur. He's really persistent too. So far has only landed one successful bite but he's been getting progressively braver. Is there anything that can be...
  14. aticiabray


    Hatched some baby Ring Neck pheasants this year! I'm so excited! Ended up with 5. (: I'm really excited and just wanted to share. (: Here's two of them! And here's two more!
  15. aticiabray


    My female Ring Neck pheasant decided that she wanted to lay on her own eggs so I let her do her thing. She started out with 13 eggs, and now she's down to 8. The eggs are disappearing. No sign of a baby or an egg. They're just gone. I've searched the whole pen and can't find a trace of anything...
  16. aticiabray

    Help!!! Please!! ASAP!

    I just got 4 pheasant chicks today, Lady Amherst and Red Golden. I was holding the Red Golden babies and saw that they have little white bugs crawling through their down...they don't even have feathers yet! They were born on Saturday. What do I do?! I've never had this happen before! Please...
  17. aticiabray

    Question about Lady Amherst

    Hello everyone. Tomorrow I am getting two or three Lady Amherst pheasant chicks and I was just wondering what to expect personality wise. I have only done Ringnecks so I'm used to flighty, wild-ish birds that don't particularly like being handled. Are all pheasants this way? Or are the...
  18. aticiabray

    I need some guinea help!

    Hello everyone, I've never raised guineas before but am planning on getting 2 or 3 in the next couple days and I just wanted to know what you all feed yours. Is medicated turkey starter ok? That's what is recommended for pheasants but I wasn't sure about guineas. Anyway, I'd like to know that...
  19. aticiabray

    Melanistic Pheasants

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if there's already a thread on this or not but I was just posting to ask if any of you who own Melanistic pheasants, can please post pictures of them. Especially the hens. I want to get a sneak peek of what I'm getting. I have two that are starting to get color...
  20. aticiabray

    Lady Amherst Chicks.

    Hello. I am going to be getting some Lady Amherst pheasants soon and was wondering if there was a way to sex them? Other than vent sexing... They were born on May 31st.
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