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  1. Matt Kennedy

    Aggressive peacock

    Hi, we got a hen for our male about a week ago. They were perfectly fine until tonight. They went to roost and he attacked her at the neck. Is there anything I can Do? They're currently separated but I can't do that all winter.
  2. Matt Kennedy

    NE Ohio peahens

    Just checking on the off chance anyone has a peahen available in northeast Ohio? I don't want to have one shipped, I'd prefer it local. Our IB male is lonely and it would be awesome to get him a companion. Thanks
  3. Matt Kennedy

    Behavior question

    To be brief, two peacocks showed up last summer, one went to a neighbor, one stayed here. I since built a shed and outdoor pen for ours, and low and behold, yesterday our neighbor let his loose. Obviously he is back here now. They don't appear aggressive towards each other. They are actually...
  4. Matt Kennedy


    Hi gang My peacock seems to have the hiccups. Anyone encounter this? Cause for concern? He's acting normal otherwise.
  5. Matt Kennedy

    Peacock companion

    Hi all, I have a two year old India Blue that could really use some company. I'd love to get him an IB hen, or at least a golden pheasant. He's very pampered, and his companion would be as well. I'm in northeast ohio. Thanks.
  6. Matt Kennedy

    Adopted by peacocks

    Hi, Joined because a couple months ago, two peacocks randomly showed up on our deck. One decided to go next door, but the other one is making himself at home here. I'm in Ohio, so I need to start planning on how to keep him safe and out of the weather. He's probably about two years old. His...
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