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  1. munchkinlover

    What is going on with my eggs?

    I have 7 laying hens that give me beautiful large eggs. 3 months ago, one of my girls hatched out 4 chicks. The original chickens started laying at the normal age but all of a sudden I find 2 unusually small eggs. The smallest being found at the end of a poop deposit, so I am sure they are...
  2. munchkinlover

    Limping chickens....what the?????

    I have a 1 year old girl that has been limping bad enough that she just stops and lays most of the time. I have examined her more than once and cannot find anything that looks wrong. The pads on both of her feet look fine, her leg looks fine and no mites that I know of. I did notice her poop and...
  3. munchkinlover

    Indecisive hen. What to do?

    My sweet Australorp, Molly, has been setting on eggs, BUT, I will see her in one nest box for a few days and then change to another box. Do I need to do something to keep her with the same eggs? I would appreciate some feedback! Thanks!
  4. munchkinlover

    Strange noise coming from my hen...?

    I was cleaning the coop the other day and I heard what sounded like a dog squeak toy just outside the run. When I looked, it was coming from one of my girls and it kinda looked like she sneezed. It doesn't happen (that I hear) every day, but now it seems like she can make the noise by choice...
  5. munchkinlover

    Laying in box vs outside

    Good morning everyone. I'm afraid I made a mistake with my birds and don't really know what to do about it. I have 9 hens that have lived in our coop/tractor until about 3 weeks ago. Before I started letting them out every day, I know that 4 of my girls started laying eggs. I got 3-4 eggs every...
  6. munchkinlover

    Coop insulation concerns

    My husband built me a chicken tractor 17' long by 8' wide on metal H-Beams with a coop that is almost 3' above the ground on one end. He put 3 nesting boxes on the back, a cute window on each side and inside the run the coop has 2 doors that open up. A small door was the original opening...
  7. munchkinlover

    Chicken Dorm Mother

    Hi ya'll. Glad to find this site!!! I am a first time mother of 13 wonderful birds. They consist of 2 Silver Wyandotte, 3 Black Australorp, 3 Easter Eggers & 5 Golden Wyandotte. We didn't get exactly what we ordered and ended up with 3 roosters, but they really get along fine (at least for now)...
  8. munchkinlover

    Dandruff or what?

    Good morning all. I am a first time chicken mom and really ignorant about a lot of stuff. I have a question about one of my girls. She looks like she has a little dandruff on her head and the feathers on her head look like they are thinning. I can't catch her & I don't see good up close and...
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