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  1. HappySlappyFarm

    Three pygmy goats - Massillon Ohio

    Goats / three - $160 (Massillon) Three goats to a good home only. Grandmother pygmy 12 years - dehorned Daughter pygmy 5 years - dehorned Granddaughter pygmy Nigerian cross with blue eyes 2 years - not dehorned WILL NOT SEPARATE. UTD on CD/T vaccine & are de-wormed. All three for $160 with...
  2. HappySlappyFarm

    Bearded silkie pair - Massillon Ohio

    Bearded silkie pair for $25 to a good home only. They have never been outside or around any other adult birds. Jasmine just turned 1 year on 10-8 & Angus turned 1 year on June 1st. They're very sweet. I have been looking for someone good to have them & all I am getting is the run around OR...
  3. HappySlappyFarm

    Share your duck pictures here!

    Wonderful photos everyone!
  4. HappySlappyFarm

    Share your duck pictures here!

    OMGOSH!!!! I LOVE your ducks! LOL Awesome photos
  5. HappySlappyFarm

    Sweetgrass tom with swollen face *pics*

    Been seeing posts of this "infection". I must say but not to scare the poo out of anyone BUT there is a disease that looks like that. There are many diseases & parasites they can get. I keep these sites in my favorites. These sites are graphic but i think anyone who owns poultry should have them...
  6. HappySlappyFarm

    turkeys are only 5 weeks old....too early to tell if tom or hen?

    You will know 100% by 2.5 months old. You should already be able to see a bit of a difference now. The males are more bulky, longer thicker legs & thicker heads. They will also lose the feathers on their heads quicker & the hens will keep some fluff. The females will look more petite & sweet...
  7. HappySlappyFarm

    Need Help Sexing 3 Month Old Narragansett Turkeys.

    You have a tom & hen for sure.... The last one appears to be a hen as well. I have to tell you something funny though. I had a BBB tom(?) Not quite, he was a hermaphrodite. Had one (not 2) testicles & had a uterus. Never gobbled, strutted or laid eggs. The sister was a hen. She looked & acted...
  8. HappySlappyFarm

    Poults are not HELPFUL!

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Awesome! I wish mine were like that. They are afraid of everything. I don't get it. The last two turkeys I had were BBB & they were so friendly & nosy. The two I have now are afraid of their own shadow!
  9. HappySlappyFarm

    Dumbest Things People Have Said About Your Chickens/Eggs/Meat

    Same thing has happened to me twice! They some how they think my eggs are gross or there is something wrong with them but they buy the nasty ones from grocery stores.
  10. HappySlappyFarm

    Don't have a flawless memory? Who does?!?

    We (& probably others) cannot install one of these. There would be no point! Not all of my chickens go in at night. They have to be chased in with a broom so buying one of these would be pointless & would lock out any dingdong chickens that refuse to go in at night.
  11. HappySlappyFarm

    Izzy Is Home!!!!!!---Update and pics. :)

    Quote: Wow! She's so beautiful. So wonderful that she's back home.
  12. HappySlappyFarm

    FEBRUARY Hatch-A-Long, come join in!!

    I'm setting mine next week! They are silver duckwings!
  13. HappySlappyFarm

    Post your Silly Photos!

    Ok finally got at least something for him to wear, a hat & green bell collar. That's all I could find at last minute & I didn't have time to sew something this year. Billy dressed up for the holiday. He was not happy LOL He was supposed to have green & red toe nails but I couldnt find any green.
  14. HappySlappyFarm

    Post your Silly Photos!

    Quote: How funny, she looks like she is holding her fuzzy butt with her wings OMGOSH! It sure does! LOL They kinda look like fingers.
  15. HappySlappyFarm

    how many Eggs you get today

    1 egg from 29 hens
  16. HappySlappyFarm

    Post your Silly Photos!

    Quote: Let me see what I can do.... lol Billy the elf?
  17. HappySlappyFarm

    Post your Silly Photos!

    I know theres nothing silly about this photo but ...... Meatball got pic of the week!!!! YAY MEATBALL! She's so beautiful! Meatball is a silkie / red star mix. I love her puffy face. Oh wait here's something funny.... It's not a chicken but it's still silly! Lucy getting a bubble bath!
  18. HappySlappyFarm

    Post your Silly Photos!

    Flopsy just after a bath. She's so cute! 1 yr old leghorn.
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