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  1. kimfeatherfriends123

    Goose eggs Sebastopol (Curly Feathered)

    I am selling Hatching Goose Eggs from my Beautiful, Healthy, Happy,spoiled rotten geese. My flock includes mostly curly breasted with a few smooth breasted. I was told to integrate both smooth and curly breasted for better feathering. I have lavenders, lavender splashes, one gray splash and...
  2. kimfeatherfriends123

    12 CHOCOLATE Silkie hatching eggs! AUCTION!

    Well this is not a real auction site so it's really hard to get a correct time....Ugh
  3. kimfeatherfriends123

    chicks dying help

    Do corrid as quickly as possible....if they have quit drinking you might put a few drops of corrid in their mouth..I do this three times a day...
  4. kimfeatherfriends123

    LF English Chocolate Orpington Chicks

    Hi do you have any pics of your birds? Thank You
  5. kimfeatherfriends123

    Swedish Flower Hen Hatching Eggs 8++

    Hi I am offering some of my select colorful Swedish Flower Hens. My small flock of Flower Hens are from two different bloodlines including: Greenfire Farms which were responsible for importing this wonderful chicken into this country in 2010. I only select the most colorful birds my breeding...
  6. kimfeatherfriends123


    I bubble wrap each egg and using packing material to keep each egg secure...Don't want them juggling around. I usually double box the eggs also....Just mailed 9 eggs all arrived safely.
  7. kimfeatherfriends123


    Hi my geese are laying any I am offering 4 goose eggs (extras if available). I have both curly and smooth breasted geese running together. (Colors you could hatch include Gray Splash, Lavender, White, and Blue splash) These geese are my pets and are very spoiled. I do not pen...
  8. kimfeatherfriends123

    WANTED ...looking for fertile sebbie eggs

    Hi....I am located in Indiana. I am curious who you bought eggs from on ebay...Are they selling them again this year? That is awful I have had my share of disappointments with Ebay purchases too. My geese just started laying and I am checking fertility this week. My collection of feathered...
  9. kimfeatherfriends123

    Pure English Black Orpington Young Adult Roosters

    what would shipping cost to 47601 and do you by chance a hen you could sell with him? They are very nice looking boys thanks kim
  10. kimfeatherfriends123

    Jeff Mitchell

    where are you located?
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