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  1. chick a dee

    I lost my 9 week old Chicken this morning?

    I went out to the pen this morning and my Favorolle that is about 9-10 weeks old was dead in the pen. I'm a newbie to raising chickens, so I'm not sure why it died? Is it common? All the rest of them are fine. They have plenty fresh water changed daily. It wasn't a predator. (?) The only thing...
  2. chick a dee

    Lock up the chickens?

    Thanks for the replies. I never thought of snakes! Yikes. Hopefully my guineas will grow fast. No rattlers around here though. I'm on the edge of town. We have coyotes, but I've never seen one close to us. I'm thrilled that by the third night they were all going in the temporary coop on their...
  3. chick a dee

    Lock up the chickens?

    So last night me and my DH were having a debate. We are building a Coop for our chickens. It will be wooden floors, siding etc. For our temporary housing they are in a 20 x 30 ft dog run, that's covered in heavy roof wire, shaded with bamboo and they are thrilled. It's pretator proof as far as...
  4. chick a dee

    What are the stages--keet to adult

    Thank you so much! I was wondering the same thing...You're such a big help! ( and wealth of info)
  5. chick a dee

    Comment by 'chick a dee' in article 'The West Wing'

    Sounds great ~ I want to see pics! :)
  6. chick a dee

    Chicken Newbie from California

    I am a newbie to chickens, I started with just a few, then kept adding a new breed here and there. I love getting up every morning to have coffee and tend to the chicks. Me and my husband (& parents next door) are enjoying them. I have a few of each: Silkies, Frizzles, Ameraucana, black...
  7. chick a dee

    Comment by 'chick a dee' in article 'Barn Style Coop W Storage'

    Your coop is my all time Favorite!!! Love it. Wish you could come build that in my backyard!!
  8. chick a dee

    Chicken Coop names: What did you name your coop/coops

    All the names are so clever and creative! I'm thinking (since my last name is Hill) ......... The Hill-ton Inn. But I love all the names, it's getting me thinking!!
  9. chick a dee

    I'm not sure what this chicken is!

    Looks like a light brahama
  10. chick a dee

    Comment by 'chick a dee' in album 'Chicken Ranch'

    I love it!! Beautiful!
  11. chick a dee

    Mixing Breeds

    Thanks for your reply. I'm only planning on keeping one rooster, I'll wait and see what I've got and take it from there. Thanks!
  12. Our chickies :)

    Our chickies :)

  13. Our pen- made from Store racks zip tied together.

    Our pen- made from Store racks zip tied together.

  14. Our Chicks

    Our Chicks

  15. chick a dee

    Mixing Breeds

    I am a newbie to raising chickens. We bought week old chicks from a few different places. I have a couple of each ~ silkies, frizzles, new hampshire, amerucana, barred plymouth rock, wyandottes, a black australorp, a light brahama and a orington. The first batch we bought as a straight run, so...
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