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  1. trailchick

    Help me identify my 'so called Black Shamos'

    Hi, your bird getting multiple spurs? looks like a possible Sumatra
  2. trailchick

    Looking for Asil

    Those may look a heavier Malayan type with shorter legs. Here is his current listing on ebay: Contact thru ebay or dailymotion
  3. trailchick

    Looking for Asil

    temujin has them. check this thread
  4. trailchick


    Wonderful project! I would order but i am not NPIP! Will keep an eye on these!
  5. trailchick

    Sapphire Chickens
  6. trailchick

  7. trailchick

    genetic hackle eggs on Ebay

    Thanks Fly, for that answer.... I have found that my GH birds hatched a lot more K's than P's. Do you think that was a selected trait? But I never sexed them as chicks.
  8. trailchick

    genetic hackle eggs on Ebay

    OMG!!! You had excellent luck with shipping!!! You will be VERY HAPPY with those! Nice assortment of colors
  9. trailchick

    Standard bred Sumatras

    DSFrango, You might ask Stonykill on this site- I believe he has said he has some that lay blue eggs. I dont know if he has been on BYC lately but he has sold eggs on here before.....
  10. trailchick

    genetic hackle eggs on Ebay

    Hey CCG, Baxterhouse2011 is known as Fly Fisher on this thread & on BYC..... Sent you a PM. Welcome to BYC!
  11. trailchick

    Standard bred Sumatras

    Thank you for posting those! I can make copies and put in the book.
  12. trailchick

    Standard bred Sumatras

    My copy of the SOP doesn't have images for the Sumatra..... Anybody have them to post in this thread for reference? I cant remember if they were in the other Sumatra thread, either, to look them up. I did find the ones drawn by Katherine Plumer - are they what is in the newest SOP?
  13. trailchick

    Cannibalism wound treatment

    I have used Blue Lotion on wounds like that & the birds have recovered. May also be called Gentian Violet. It is a product found in the equine section of the farm stores Here is a website : Shock should be the concern - I dont think I...
  14. trailchick

    Question about flea transmission

    Where did you get the poison ivy? If you were scampering out in the woods where the poison ivy was, there are critters called chiggers that could have bitten you. the bites could/would swell up and itch just like a mosquito bite. Takes sometimes a week or two to heal up. These little guys , you...
  15. trailchick

    APA Standard of Perfection

    Wooo Hoo, Just found this on The American Standard of Perfection, Illustrated a Complete Description of All Recognized Varieties of Fowls (2010, Paperback) 9.85 + 3.49 ship Yeeay!!! I always look at this site before buying on ebay, or amazon, or abebooks! I...
  16. trailchick

    Peacock Lost by USPS

    Looks like this thread went off topic!!! Hannah, hows is that charcoal doing ? Hope he is all healed and settled in by now? hope so!
  17. trailchick

    Peacock Lost by USPS

    So glad to hear showed up "ALIVE" !!!!!! After that kind of trip he may not eat well right away- even moving birds short traveling distances can make them go off their feed for more than a day or two.... Again, great news!!! YEAY
  18. trailchick

    Baker Creek Seeds - Bread Movie

    I just an email from one of my favorite garden seed company Baker Creek Heirloom They have a short movie on Bread making, or actually (The Life and Death of Wholesome Bread ) Has any body seen this yet ?... Reminds me of another King Corn documentary.
  19. trailchick

    The Plymouth Rock Breeders thread

    So glad to hear your chicks made the trip, Alana! Anyone have theories on why the lighter barred birds disappeared from the ol' days or, as shown on the black/white pictures in some earlier posts? They were lost through the selection of tighter bars for breeding?
  20. trailchick

    Longtails! PURE AND MIXED!!!

    The genetic hackle birds seemed to produce a lot of males (selective breeding, i guess, since males are wanted for feathers).- so most of mine roos were crossed with phoenix, & i had a blue Andalusian hens, in the mix. Now I have some nice mixed hens & want to get some new colors in phoenix &...
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